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Automated Billing

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Copy Trading

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Portfolio Tracking

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Sales & Marketing

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Discover why our clients trust us for their needs - their success stories and satisfaction speak volumes!

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Matthew Lowe

Crypto Trader


Great platform for my trading fund. Finestel Pro's copy trading platform, investor management, and reporting features have helped me focus on trading and increase my income. Quick support and attentive to my suggestions and do their best to support my trading activities.

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Teddie Jones Jr

Crypto Trader


Legitimate Crypto Asset Management Platform. Grateful to be apart of such an innovative idea. Absolute Game Changer for Profitable crypto traders to build an actual crypto management firm. A+ Highly Recommended!

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Crypto Investor


Finestel is one of the best cryptocurrency-related platforms I've ever used. They provide excellent service with the best support team. I have had a great experience using their copytrading system and invested a significant portion of my holdings in three of their traders.

avatar profile

Ira Schafer

Asset Manager


My experience with Finestel has been excellent so far. Their customer support is outstanding with reps going above and beyond to meet customers needs.

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Ethan The Master



Choosing for my asset management needs was a game-changer, thanks to their exceptional customer support. Their unwavering dedication to my success makes me feel valued and supported every step of the way.

avatar profile

Henrik Sørensen

Algorithmic Trader


Bullish product in copy trading Extremely reasonable fees and responsible and trusted support. Compare to other products in the market, finestel is really at higher level based on its user experience, support, and pricing.

avatar profile

Ramin Cullen

Crypto Business Owner


This platform working very professional.

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More About Finestel

We Are FINESTEL, One Booming Trading Technology Solution Provider Company. Finestel was born to be the ultimate copy trading platform but it evolved into a white label copy trading software - through some sort of metamorphosis - and we became a Forex & crypto trading software development company.
What you will read below is our journey in brief, plus all the Finestel tools, services, and features in detail, explaining how they allow professional traders or portfolio managers to build branded digital asset management firms with unbelievably low cost; the setup fee is actually free for the next few weeks.

Our Journey to Become a Full Trading Software Development Company

Finestel started to be a “super user-friendly” crypto copy trading in the form of a /social trading platform for public crypto investors; you’ll understand the quotation mark soon. This is a brief story of how we became a trading technology development company.

The more traders and investors started using Finestel, the harder fine-tuning the user-friendliness got, not for the public investors (copy traders) though, for the traders! Here’s the primary problem:

Investment strategy development for a community of clients is a very complicated and tough job; y'all agree with that, right? Now, the most convenient copy trading models (platforms) are primarily built to meet the public investors’ needs; copy trader-friendly, let’s say. So, the traders need to customize their strategies to fit the tools and services that the host provides:

  • Traders must follow the platform's payment model, cycle, and destination (wallet).
  • Some copy trading models force the trader to use the platform’s terminal only.
  • Lack of proper communication channels between the trader and their investors (copy traders).
  • Traders are not able to provide their services privately; without other traders getting exposed to their private community of clients.

Please note that those issues are in fact sacrifices for the user-friendliness, which is mandatory when you’re serving the general public.

So, we had built a powerful software capable of proportional automated trade replication execution with lightning speed and laser accuracy, AND, autonomous client management.
However, the platform (Finestel) could not meet every single trader’s preferences, unless…; it was one of those “aha moments” honestly. Unless, we made Finestel available as a white label copy trading software.

Finestel Trading Services and Tools; Explaining How to Get Yourself A Digital Firm

Down below starts a full breakdown, but let me note that Finestel’s customizable software is best for professional traders, portfolio, asset, investment community managers or even affiliate marketers; get more details. So, if you fit any of those categories and want to see the platform and the article afterward, you might want to contact us; we have some secrets to share!

On to the show:

White Label Copy Trading Service

A white label product - or software in our case - does not have the manufacturer’s logo or brand on it allowing the users or buyers to make it their own using their brand, logo, color design, etc.

Finestel’s white label is fully modifiable and all its tools and services are customizable to the owners’ preferences.

Copy Trading Service

Finestel’s copy trading service runs on top of a handful of fully and partially autonomous algorithms; AKA automated trading systems (ATS), commonly known as bots.

These bots can execute a massive amount of orders, thoroughly proportionally, including all trade elements such as orders (SL, TP, OCO…) or trade setups (cross, isolated, leverage…), and they work on both spot and derivatives (futures) markets.

The order executions take place between exchange accounts (Binance, Bybit, OKX, KuCoin) which are connected to the white label platform via API access. The (white label) owners list traders or strategies - or whatever they like to call it - for their clients to copy.

Technically, the listed traders are exchange accounts that are connected via “read-only” API keys, allowing Finestel’s bots to read and copy their trades and execute proportional replications of them into the investor accounts (copy traders) that copy the trader.

The investor (clients, followers, copiers, you name it; it’s yours!) accounts are also exchange accounts that are connected via “trade-only” API keys, allowing Finestel’s copy trading bots to read and copy their trades and some statistics. The copied trades are to get proportionally executed on the client (investor, copy trader, follower, etc.) exchange accounts, and the statistics for the reporting purposes. The investor exchange accounts, on the other hand, are connected via “trade-only” API keys, allowing Finestel to read and copy stats, and execute replications of the copied trades on them.

API Trading

So Finestel’s copy trading services work via API access. APIs (Application Programming Interface) are communication channels between pieces of software or computers, which transfer data and can execute a multitude of tasks.
APIs have been playing key roles in the asset management and trading industries for a few decades now. Using read-only and trade-only API keys, Finestel provides its portfolio tracking (free), trade execution, copy trading, and asset and client management services. Besides, there will be interesting API trading services available on the white label Finestel (e.g, AI trading, TradingView bots…), which you’ll get more details about under the “Upcoming Products” heading further below.

Trading Terminal

A White label trading dashboard, including a fast-trading terminal is available upon request. Adding the terminal to your white label software will take quite a longer time than the usual setup and the delivery could take up to 30 working days. Also, will increase the setup cost.

Portfolio Tracker App

As the name suggests, it’s a service that both traders and investors use to keep track of their investment status with only a couple of clicks instead of frequent logins and logouts into and from their exchange accounts. As a copy trading platform, having a portfolio tracker app for your customers is mandatory. Finestel’s portfolio tracker is free for both the owners and their clients; here’s what it does:

Trading Performance Analyses

Finestel allows the white label owner and their clients to analyze their performance via the platform’s robust reporting system:

  • Live indicators for your futures open positions, P&L, return, order & trade history
  • Asset allocation, balance, and a few more stats for your spot account
  • Drawdown and risk calculation and indication for trader accounts
  • Interactive performance charts available in fixed and custom timeframes

Multiple Exchange Accounts Tracking

The reporting services above will instantly update when you switch between your connected exchange accounts using the account box on top of the dashboard; it literally takes 2 clicks, btw. The white label owner has access (via an admin panel) to define various different conditions for connecting exchange accounts, whether by their clients, guests, or affiliate traders, such as the number of connected accounts, min/max investment, or AUM thresholds for traders.

Asset Management Software

The concept is quite new, especially if you want the software to be customizable to its users’ preferences. So instead of manually maintaining every client’s portfolio - or exchange account - The software owners are able to list a variety of strategies (with different risk, return, drawdown, minimum investment levels) for their clients to choose from and obtain. As long as your client is copying a strategy Finestel’s ATS will keep their accounts synced with the copied exchange account, trader, bot, etc.

Fund Management

The “Funds” menu on the white label dashboard, which can be replaced with any term (e.g. traders, bots, or strategies) - depending on the owners’ will - is where you provide your investment management services to your clients. Every connected exchange account/sub-account can be listed as an investment fund (e.g., ETF). However, the white label owner may rent spots to independent traders - or hire them - to connect their exchange accounts and list their investment management services.


Percentage allocation management module - AKA percentage allocation money management - or PAMM for crypto and Forex will be operational very soon on the white label Finestel.

Billing System

Manually pacing up with automated algorithms is impossible; especially for a large number of clients or high frequency trading models (scalp, day trading, etc.). Finestel has automated billing, payment, and transaction management systems, which are fully customizable and we’ll talk about its details right here:

Client Management Tools

The customizable client management system is one of the key elements that makes Finestel a trading technology solution provider. Below are the client management tools that your branded white label platform has:

Customizable Accounting

  • Fully Customizable Billing Models & Payment Cycles: Define payment models using cyclic (e.g. subscription fees) or commission based (performance fees) billing systems, which your clients will receive automatically (via email, in-app notifications... Payment cycles (daily, weekly, monthly…) can also be applied differently for each trader or strategy, depending on the owners’ will.
  • Number of Connected Accounts, Investors, and AUM Capacity: Limit the number of connected accounts for investors and guest traders. Set investor capacity and AUM thresholds for each connected trader account.

Wallet Management

Currently, Finestel has an independent TRC-20 USDT only wallet (built on the TRON blockchain) available for everyone to use. However, the white label owners have access to connect their personal wallets and define various applications for each integrated wallet.

Client Support

By integrating third-party messengers (Telegram), personal email services, or in-app oline chats (like Hubspot, Crisp, etc.) you’ll be in touch with your customers. Please keep in mind that our support team will not contact your clients directly. However, you will have direct contact with the Finestel technical and customer support team via a private & dedicated Telegram support group.

Customizable Reporting System

Via an admin panel, you’ll have access to add/remove/modify every parameter in the reporting, depending on your clients’ requests or your own will. The software also has a multi-channel notification system (Telegram, email, in-app…) allowing for live position tracking, automatic alerting, and more, which you can also customize to your preferences.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Personal or third-party email services can be integrated with the white label Finestel for running email marketing. All sorts of social media channels can be linked on the white label dashboard, alongside integrating Telegram bots, Discord servers and more.
Finestel’s customizable marketing tools allows the owner to expand their community of clients or even attract independent traders to join their trading desk, bringing in their clients.

Community Management Dashboard (CRM)

The white label Finestel dashboard is a CRM (customer relationship management) system. The owner keeps track of their clients investment performance through the reporting system, or keeps in touch with them via the live chat and other integrated communication channels. You have overviews of your asset management business, showing your client count, AUM, return, risk, drawdown and more.

Crypto and Forex Trading Bots

Trading automation is a general term containing a few stages, starting from backtesting and strategy development and ending with performance analyses and client management. Every stage can be implemented using one or more autonomous algorithms, commonly known as trading bots, or just bots.
While auto trading platforms lean more toward taking care of the initial to middle stages of the automation (backtesting & strategizing, data collection & analysis, signal bots, trade execution) Finestel handles the middle to final stages (trade execution, copy trading, client management).
Before delving deeper, let’s not forget mentioning Finestel was a crypto trading software and platform development company for the past couple of years. Now, we’re happy to announce that the white label Finestel is ready to provide Forex trading services; stay tuned for more details.

Automated Trading

Below are the trading automation services that the white label Finestel delivers for both spot and futures markets:

Full Auto Trade Execution

Finestel can execute replications of a copied trade into multiple other exchange accounts, thoroughly proportional, including all the order elements and trade setup, very fast.

When a client (copy trader) copies a spot or futures trader or strategy (AKA fund) on your white label platform:

Spot Market Automated Trade Replication & Execution

The white label owner has two spot market copy trading models to implement, the “instant syncing” and “delayed syncing.”

Instant Syncing (default model):
The instant syncing model is a 60 second process, taking place immediately after a client copies the trader account. In that 60 second, Finestel copy trading bots will find the cheapest way (paying the least trading fees possible) to sync the client’s spot account portfolio and open orders with the copied trader’s.

In this model Finestel will keep the client’s spot account synced with the copied trader’s, as long as they’re copying the trader.
Without Syncing:
The delayed syncing model skips the portfolio and order syncing process,after canceling the open orders Finestel will convert the copier's portfolio to the copied trader's quote currency which is USDT by default but BUSD and USDC are also available upon request. From there, the copier will only receive the copied trader's new spot orders only.

Futures (derivatives) Market Automated Trade Replication & Execution

Via our futures copy trading, Finestel will not execute replications of the copied trader’s open positions, and the pair orders that already have open positions. Those orders and positions may be close to their SL or TP and executing them can drastically harm the copy traders’ capital.

But the futures market copy traders will receive a proportional replication of all the copied trader’s new orders into their futures exchange accounts, as long as they’re copying the trader.

Automated Copy Trading

The Finestel automated copy trading system does more than proportional trade execution. Using an innovative technology, our copy trading bots can execute a massive number of orders at the most optimum price possible, avoiding a common copy trading issue called order price slippage as much as possible.

Moreover, in case a bug or glitch occurs during the copy trading process Finestel will alert the trader via email and/or a Telegram bot, warning them about the missing or misplaced order. If you request right now, you’ll get FREE Forex and crypto trading services and applications (if you need Forex services), a copy trading platform, CRM, 24/7 VIP support, and more, all-in-one package.

Where We Make WOWS!

Finestel is an asset management software, there are other trading software development companies as well as white label trading software providers in the industry for sure, rendering somewhat similar services. What you read below comes from our professional traders’ opinions that we’ve gathered through the past couple of years.

24/7 VIP Support

Our 24/7 VIP support has been most of our traders’ favorite; proudly though. The white label owners have access to 24/7 direct contact with the Finestel customer and technical support teams, and dedicated personal support agents via private Telegram groups.

Fully Customizable Implementation

When you apply for a white label Finestel, we’ll contact you, asking for certain materials and some of your business details for personalizing the software to your preferences. Afterward, you’ll have access to an admin panel, allowing you to apply further customizations to the tools and services. The Trade execution, copy trading, and asset management services and tools are partially, the portfolio tracker, asset and client management tools are fully customizable.

Low Cost

The setup fee is actually FREE for the next few weeks; don’t tell anyone btw. The setup fee will not break the bank even if you ask for a branded trading terminal or extra integrated services or features. Check out our pricing.

Deployable Under 24 Hours

If you have all the required materials ready, you’ll have your branded software (basic personalizations and customizations) under 24 hours.

White Label Platforms and Tools

Every service, tool, menu, and other corners of the delivered software will be branded and personalized. Also, owners are able to integrate their personal services with the software.
We’ll make the software yours!

All-in-One Package

If you request right now, you’ll get FREE crypto trading services and applications, a copy trading platform, CRM, 24/7 VIP support, and more, all-in-one package.

Upcoming Products

AI Trading Services

Are you one of the 100 million+ users of ChatGPT? We’ll have AI generated trading bots and strategies available via a GUI (Graphical User Interface), soon.

TradingView Bots

The white label owners will be able to connect TradingView automated strategies via webhooks API access to their platform available traders or strategies to copy.

Risk Management Tools

The white label Finestel already has risk management services available but it will evolve into a separate section to work more as an independent tool then a service; like Finestel’s free reporting service or portfolio tracker app.

And much more. We’ll keep you informed.

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