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Bring your money management business to the new level and maximize portfolio returns on OKX with our versatile copy trading software & white label platform, and automation solutions that seamlessly replicate master account orders into copier accounts.

About Finestel’s OKX Copy Trading

Elevate your crypto portfolio & money management business with our advanced OKX copy trading solutions.

Our experienced team implemented OKX integrations upon our users’ request and have honed order replication technology through extensive volumes.

This results in unparalleled speed and precision during any market conditions.

Whether you trade top OKX spot pairs, or futures (AKA perpetual swap), our platform fla


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Here’s the guide for creating read-access and trade-access OKX API keys to connect with Finestel services & start leveraging our products.

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Our sophisticated copy trading automation seamlessly copies with all OKX order types and customizable parameters across spot, and futures (perpetual swaps) markets.

Spot Orders



check1TP/SL (Immediately when triggered)

check1Conditional (Immediately when triggered)

Futures (Perpetual Swap) Orders

check1 Limit
check1 Market
check1 Trigger
check1 TP/SL (Conditional/OCO)
check1 Advance Limit (Post Only, FOK, and IOC)
check1 Trailing Stop

More Details

check1 Margin Mode: Cross-Isolated (Consideration*: after changeing the leverage don't start any trading for 30 sec.)
check1 Leverage: Auto sync (Consideration*: after changeing the leverage don't start any trading for 30 sec.)
check1 Trigger Price Type: Last/Index/Mark
check1 Time in Force: Good-Till-Canceled/Immediate-Or-Cancel/Fill-Or-Kill
check1 Position Mode: One-Way Mode/Hedge Mode

Safe & Secure
Copy Trading

Ensuring the Highest Level of Security for Your Exchange Account and Personal Data

Multilayer encryption

Multilayer encryption

All sensitive data has encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Secure API keys

Secure API keys

All API keys used for trading is kept secure and not shared with anyone who does not need access to them.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Extra layer of security to the trading accounts

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More About Finestel’s OKX Copy Trading

Being one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges, OKX offers its own copy trading platform that only OKX users are able to utilize. This internal copy trading platform allows novice investors to replicate the executions of professional traders, practically letting experienced traders manage their funds.
The following sections introduce OKX exchange and their native social copy trading platform. Then, we move on to describe Finestel’s copy trading service and white label solution and describe how it complements OKX users’ copy trading experience.

We also provide step-by-step guides on how you can create API keys on OKX and how to use them to connect your OKX account to Finestel.

An Introduction to OKX Exchange

OKX is one of the most renowned cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. It is one of the most innovative exchanges around, with advanced financial services. OKX has hundreds of trading pairs and is a decent choice for investors and traders who are willing to trade cryptocurrencies with reasonable fees.
OKX currently holds rank six on CoinMarketCap's ranking of the best cryptocurrency exchanges. Their daily spot trading volume exceeds $500 million. They offer trading services in a variety of markets, including spot, perpetual swaps, futures, margin, and options.
Based in Seychelles, OKX is one of the most popular centralized exchanges, serving more than 50 million users globally. However, their services are not available in the United States.
OKX is a subsidiary of OKCoin owned by OK Group, which was founded back in 2013 by Mingxing "Star" Xu. The exchange was then established in 2017.
OKX claims to be the “portal to Web 3” as it provides users with various blockchain-based services like a hot wallet, a decentralized exchange, an NFT marketplace, and different decentralized applications.

Fee Structure

The fee structure on OKX depends on the amount of OKB coins the user holds. OKB coin is OKX’s native governance token. The more OKB holdings you have in your account, the fewer trading fees you pay. A complete breakdown of OKX’s trading fees for regular users is presented in the table below.

Fee TypeUSDT/USD SpotUSDT-M FuturesUSDT-M PerpetualOptions
Maker0.06% - 0.08%0.015% - 0.02%0.015% - 0.02%0.015% - 0.02%
Taker0.08% - 0.1%0.03% - 0.05%0.03% - 0.05%0.03%

Withdrawal fees are also variable on OKX. You need to pay these fees for on-chain transactions. Internal withdrawals and deposits are exempt from fees. Withdrawal fees are dependent on the crypto you are transacting and the network you are using.
Notably, OKX does not charge users for Bitcoin withdrawals, making it a suitable exchange for dollar-cost averaging BTC.

OKX’s Native Social Copy Trading Platform

OKX has its own social copy trading platform that allows users to become either a trader or an investor. Investors identify and copy professional traders, replicating every one of their trades on their personal accounts.

How to Participate?

As a trader, or lead trader as OKX calls it, you should have traded 30 times historically and seven times in the past 30 days on the OKX platform. Your rate of return for the past 30 days should also be equal to or more than 30%, with a maximum drawdown of less than 50%.

To become an investor, you only need an exchange account on OKX with sufficient funds to be able to copy the trader of your choice. The profit-sharing ratio varies between 8% and 13%, depending on the trader you choose. It means that 8%-13% of realized profits are paid to the trader as compensation.

Platform’s Target Users

OKX’s copy trading platforms aim to attract novice traders and investors to the exchange, allowing them to copy experienced traders and gain profits. This would increase the volume and liquidity of the exchange while also benefiting both skilled traders with extra income and inexperienced market participants with potential capital gains.

Therefore, OKX’s social copy trading platform targets a wide range of traders and investors, from the newest to the most competent.

OKX’s Copy Trading Limitations

Yet, their copy trading service lacks a few significant features. For instance, investors have a relatively small pool of traders for investors to choose from, as they are limited to the OKX exchange itself. The same applies to traders, as the investors must only be OKX users.

Furthermore, the criteria for becoming a lead trader is almost unrealistic, as gaining more than 30% in 30 days is an astonishingly challenging requirement.

The profit-sharing options are also limited. For instance, traders are not free to choose between performance fees, management fees, subscription fees, or a combination of these compensation structures. The profit-sharing ratios are also not variable enough, as they are bounded by 8% and 13%.

Understanding The Essence of Copy Trading

Copy trading is a form of online trading and investing. It involves two main groups of participants: investors and master traders. Investors aim to copy every transaction the master traders make in the market and replicate their results. Traders would also benefit from this interaction, as they increase their AUM and, subsequently, their income, as they charge commissions and fees from investors for managing their money.

The essence of copy trading lies in enabling novice investors to profit from the financial markets, closing the gap between experienced and inexperienced market participants. It is also a perfect solution for people who are interested in investing in the markets but lack the necessary time to monitor and analyze their investments consistently.

Copy trading is primarily done through specialized social trading platforms. While having several benefits for both traders and investors, it also involves considerable risk, just like any other activity in the financial markets.

Traders should closely manage their trading risk and analyze the platforms to find the most suitable. Investors should also conduct their own research on both their platform of choice and the traders they wish to follow to prevent monetary losses.

OKX API Key & Copy Trading via API Key Guide

OKX’s native copy trading platform is not the only way users can enjoy the benefits of copy trading. To connect your account to external copy trading platforms, you need to use API keys.

An API key, short for Application Programming Interface key, is a code generated by a software application that allows it to communicate with other platforms. It acts as a form of authorization, as it enables automatic data exchange between two systems.

OKX API Key Generation

First, let’s discuss how you can generate OKX API keys for copy trading:

  • Log in to your OKX account. In your user profile, click on API Keys.OKX API key guide 1
  • On the next screen, select Create V5 API Key.OKX API key guide 2
  • The next step is to choose the API Trading option and enter an API name and a Passphrase. You can also enter a unique IP Address, which is an optional security measure. Finally, if you are a trader, grant the Read permission, and as an investor, choose the Trade option.OKX API key guide 3
  • Finally, your API key will be created. Remember to write down the API key and the Secret key.OKX API key guide 4

How to Copy Trade via OKX API Key

After generating the suitable OKX API key, depending on whether you are an investor or a master trader, You can connect to 3rd party copy trading platforms, apps, and softwares.

By providing the API key and the secret key created earlier and considering the permissions you granted, you should link your OKX account to the platforms as a trader or an investor and begin your copy trading journey. Note that there are two types of permissions:

  • Read:This permission is suitable for master traders, as it would enable their followers’ accounts to read and copy the orders and executions.
  • Trade:In case you are an investor, you should grant this permission. It replicates the master trader’s orders to be executed on your account.

Note that because the steps for using 3rd party social trading platform differ from one another, we only provided a brief, general overview of how you can utilize this feature with your OKX account.

How Finestel Complements OKX’s Copy Trading Experience

Using Finestel’s service complements OKX’s copy trading experience, as it covers the limitations and shortcomings of the exchange’s native platform.

Finestel offers two primary copy trading solutions: a simple copy trading service and a professional white-label copy trading solution.

  • OKX Copy Trading as a Service (Bot):This format is a simple copy trading bot with no white-label, useful for traders with smaller communities and the ones who are still in the early phases of their asset management journey.
  • OKX White-label Social Copy Trading Platform:Finestel’s white-label solution is suitable for asset managers with medium to big businesses and communities. It is a personalized solution presented under your own brand.

Finestel’s OKX Copy Trading as a Service

Finestel’s copy trading as a service is a simple, straightforward solution. It includes a copy trader bot that allows you to connect your OKX account as the master account and your clients’ accounts as investors or copiers.

Then, you would be able to start your own copy trading business using our cutting-edge technology with lightning-fast, highly precise executions.

However, this service is suitable for traders who are new to the world of asset management and have a limited community size. In case you are a professional asset manager with a larger number of investors and AUM, you are better off using Finestel’s white-label service.

Finestel’s OKX Copy Trading White label solution

Finestel’s white-label copy trading solution allows OKX traders to run their asset management business under their own brand efficiently. This solution is helpful for traders and asset managers with a large client base. It offers them a personalized experience and an insightful back-office dashboard.

The white-label service includes many additional features. These include portfolio trackers, performance analytics, risk management tools, comprehensive trading history, billing automation, customizable fee structure, CRM tools, online support, and marketing and sales tools.

Finestel’s all-in-one package aids traders and portfolio managers to elevate their businesses and attract more investors while improving their performance by using insightful analytical metrics and risk management tools. It removes the headaches associated with technical and operational issues of running a fund and allows you to concentrate on your trading.

Who Is Finestel’s White Label OKX Copy Trading for?

Finestel’s copy trading and white-label solutions are for traders, signal providers, and asset managers who are willing to take their business to the next level. The white-label service is especially suited for asset management businesses that want to operate their crypto business under their own personal brand.

Choosing Finestel provides you access to several practical features mentioned in previous sections. Therefore, Finestel’s software paves the way to grow your business and brand awareness while focusing on your core responsibility as an asset manager, pursuing profits for your investors.

OKX API Key Configurations for Connecting to Finestel

In this section, we provide a complete, step-by-step guide on how you can connect your OKX account to Finestel as a trader and start your copy trading journey.

  • You should first create an account on Finestel’s website. Then, select Add Exchange Account in your dashboard.My Exchanges - Finestel Back office
  • Choose your preferred exchange, which in this case is OKX.Connect OKX to Finestel - 1
  • Create your OKX API key in your exchange account, following the steps provided earlier. Remember to white-list the presented IPs on OKX.
    Choose your fund’s name, select the preferred exchange type (Spot, Futures, or both), and enter the API key, Secret key, and Passphrase you acquired from OKX.Connect OKX to Finestel - 2
  • On the next page, you should set your fee structure and minimum investment.Connect OKX to Finestel - 3
  • Finally, your account is successfully created, and you can begin copy trading.Connect OKX to Finestel - 4

OKX Spot Copy Trading on Finestel

As a trader or an investor, you can enjoy Finestel’s copy trading services in the spot market. You should select the spot option shown in the previous section. As a result, only the trader’s spot market executions would be replicated in the followers’ accounts.

OKX Futures (Perpetual Swap) Copy Trading on Finestel

Finestel also supports perpetual futures copy trading. Again, to use this feature, you are required to choose the futures option when you are connecting your OKX account to Finestel. Consequently, only the master trader’s futures market transactions would be copied into the investors’ accounts.

We should reiterate that you can also use both spot and futures options simultaneously.

How to Start Finestel’s OKX Copy Trading Service Right Away

To summarize the main points provided on how you can start your Finestel’s OKX copy trading service, you should:

  • Generate API keys on your OKX account. Remember to white-list Finestel’s IPs on OKX (note that “read” permission is for traders, and “trade” permission is for investors).
  • Add your OKX exchange account to your Finestel dashboard.
  • Choose your fund name and enter your API key, secret key, and passphrase on Finestel
  • Set your fee structure and minimum allowable investment.
  • Done. Enjoy your copy trading experience with Finestel!

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