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Kucoin Copy Trading
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Elevate your money management & portfolio management business on Kucoin exchange with proportional copy trading white label & bot that seamlessly mirrors all master account orders into copier accounts.

About Finestel’s Kucoin Copy Trading

Elevate your crypto money management and unlock new revenue streams with our advanced Kucoin copy trading software.

Our team pioneered some of the earliest Kucoin API integrations and have spent a couple of years refining Kucoin order and trade replication technology.

So we offer the most seasoned Kucoin copy trading service available.

The result is unmatched execution speed and precision, even during volatile market swin


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Kucoin API Key?

Follow our easy guide for creating read-access and trade-access Kucoin API keys to connect with Finestel & start leveraging our services.

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Our platform provides sophisticated copy trading capabilities that fully support all Kucoin order types and customizable parameters across spot and futures markets.

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Safe & Secure
Copy Trading

Safeguarding Your Trading Account and Personal Data with the Utmost Security

Multilayer encryption

Multilayer encryption

All sensitive data has encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Secure API keys

Secure API keys

All API keys used for trading is kept secure and not shared with anyone who does not need access to them.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Extra layer of security to the trading accounts

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More About Finestel’s KuCoin Copy Trading Software

KuCoin is one of the older players (since September 2017) in the crypto industry. The crypto exchange is well-known for its wide range of services, and listing the “Next Gem” in the market. KuCoin copy trading - alongside Binance - was the first service we made available on Finestel.

This paper is dedicated to KuCoin copy trading on both spot and futures markets. We’ll briefly tell you about KuCoin’s statistics and the KYC status, then dig into the concept of copy trading. Next we’ll introduce Finestel’s copy trading technology and how to use it with your KuCoin account.

KuCoin, The Gem Hunters’ Hub

Supporting both spot and futures trading, KuCoin is ranked fourth as a both spot and futures crypto exchange on CoinMarketCap (at the time of writing). Fun fact, at the time of writing this text, Bybit and OKX are below and above KuCoin for spot and futures trading (respectively), in the ranking list, which are also available for copy trading on Finestel.

KuCoin’s headquarter is in Seychelles, has offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, and serves over 20 million users in more than 200 countries. Recently, KuCoin announced (July 2023) a mandatory KYC for its users to comply with the global regulations (AML, CFT, etc.).

KuCoin’s Trading Services

Supporting both crypto spot (over 1500 pairs) and futures (188 markets) trading services, KuCoin does not have a native copy trading service. However, the exchange renders a wide range of services including “Trading Bots” or automated trading services.

Kucoin futures grid

KuCoin’s trading bots are a good option for crypto auto trading systems, which are versatile algorithms, capable of executing some complex trading strategies on your KuCoin account. Now, mix that with copy trading and you’ll have an automated crypto asset management system; more on that at the end.

What Is Copy Trading?

The process of reading and copying actions (trades, changing trading modes, etc.) from an exchange account (or trading platform) and executing replications of the copied trades on exchange accounts that copy the trader account.

In more advanced models, copy trading providers are expected to execute the replications completely proportional including all trades and order elements (SL, TP, OCO, leverage, cross, isolated…) and support both spot and futures markets.

Different Types of Copy Trading

The current existing models fall into two general categories, copy trading as a feature or social trading platform on crypto exchanges (e.g. Bybit) and copy trading via API keys. API access is a communication channel between pieces of software, applications, and computers that are signed and secured via API keys.

Copy Trading via API Access

There are a few crypto exchanges with native copy trading services available. Native copy trading models are very simple to use, which makes them a good choice for learning and understanding the concept. Nonetheless, this copy trading model supports very limited functions and cannot be customizable due to its needs of being mass-user-friendly because it’s basically designed to serve public investors.

Copy Trading on Crypto Exchanges

API copy trading is a super versatile option compared to the previous method. The copy trading platform, website, app, or software connects to a “trader-type” exchange account (via read-only API keys), reading and copying actions (trades) from the account. Next, the platform will execute proportional replications of the copied trades into connected “investor-type” exchange accounts (via trade-only API keys) that copy that trader.

Advanced copy trading models in the industry should be capable of performing complex trade executions proportional to each copy trader’s exchange account balance, simultaneously, with lighting speed, and laser accuracy.

That capability opens doors to a fairly new concept, the automated crypto portfolio and asset management; more on that later.

Finestel’s Copy Trading Technology Explained

Finestel supports proportional copy trading on both spot and futures markets of Binance, Bybit, KuCoin, and OKX - stay tuned for more though. Let’s break down KuCoin copy trading on each market type, separately as they fairly differ in function.

It’s worth noting that the proportionality applies to all elements and settings of the copied orders and trades, including SL, TP, OCO, leverage, cross, isolated, hedge mode, etc., etc., etc.

Kucoin Spot Copy Trading

There are two different scenarios for spot copy trading, whether on KuCoin or other supported exchanges:

  • The Syncing Method (Default):
    After copying a trader type account, Finestel immediately cancels all the open orders on your KuCoin (spot) account, and then finds the cheapest way (the least possible trading fees) to convert your portfolio into a proportional replication of the copied trader’s.
  • The Unsyncing Method:
    There is no initial syncing process in this method. After copying a trader, Finestel will sell all the assets in the copiers’ portfolio to the copied trader’s quote currency (USDT is the default, USDC and BUSD are also available upon request). From there, Finestel will execute replications of the copied trader’s new orders and trades into copier exchange accounts.

Kucoin Futures (USD-Margined Contracts) Copy Trading

Finestel’s futures copy trading is relatively similar to the spot Unsyncing copy trading method. The moment the copy trading starts, Finestel will not execute replications of the copied trader’s already opened positions and/or pair orders that already have an open position. Those positions could be close to their SL (stop-loss) or TP (take-profit) and executing them will most certainly harm the copier's investment.

So, skipping the open positions and pair orders with open positions, Finestel will keep the copiers’ futures accounts synced with the copied trader’s as long as they are copying the trader. During the copy trading session, the copier’s will receive all the copied trader’s fresh new futures orders alongside all the order elements, proportionally.

Finestel’s Portfolio Tracker Service

A portfolio tracker app or service is quite mandatory for every copy trading software, we believe. The “Portfolio Tracker” service on your Finestel dashboard is a free robust, yet super user friendly application, allowing you:

  • To track multiple portfolios (connected exchange accounts) and switch between them with literally two clicks.
  • To collect connected accounts’ performance reports, asset allocations, and historical track records.
  • To track futures open positions using live indicators on multiple exchange accounts.
  • To receive Telegram and email notifications for their open orders and positions.

Did I mention all that is free?

Now, Here’s How Finestel Delivers KuCoin Copy Trading

As told above in the page, Finestel delivers Kucoin copy trading in two formats and we’ll explain both below.

1) Copy Trading as a Service (bot)

To start copy trading you will need at least two KuCoin accounts, or simply two KuCoin sub-accounts; one to connect as the trader-type account and the other to connect as the investor-type account.

Sub-accounts are available on - probably - all crypto exchanges and the only difference they have with main or master accounts is that they don’t support asset withdrawal. The account owner can only “transfer” assets from their master account to their sub-accounts and vice versa; direct deposits are available though.

Next, you need to connect your KuCoin accounts to your Finestel account. To do so, you need to create an API key for each KuCoin accounts. You need one read-only API key for your trader account and a trade-only API key for your investor account.

KuCoin Read-Only API Key Configuration & Connecting to Finestel

Log in to your KuCoin account and head over to the “API Services” section, where you’ll see a create API button.

Kucoin API services menu

On the next page, fill in the blanks, the “API Name” and “API Passphrase.” Please keep in mind that the API Passphrase is not the API’s “secret.” The passphrase is an extra layer of security that KuCoin has and is not retrievable. It means if you lose your passphrase you’ll need to delete the API and create a new one.

The read-only API key configuration is the “General” option, which is check marked by default and grayed out. So the only thing trader-type accounts (read-only API configs) need to do is IP white listing. To get Finestel’s IP:

Log in to your Finestel account and when you hit on the “Copy Trading” tab, you’ll see a pop up on the dashboard asking you to connect a “Master Account.” Hit the button and on the next page select KuCoin from the available exchanges and hit “Next.”

Finestel Copy Trading Blank Mode

The next page is where you create a profile for the new KuCoin account you’re connecting to Finestel. Name the account and pick a country and an avatar (if you like), and next you need to define the exchange type.
Remember that connecting the master exchange accounts has the same procedure on both copy trading models and some of the features you face during connecting your master exchange account (like avatar & country), makes sense on the white label copy trading format.

Connecting exchange account to Finestel - 1

If the “Only Spot” option is selected, you have your KuCoin spot account listed on Finestel alone, and the same applies to the “Only Futures” option. But, if the “Both” option is selected, you will have two account cards listed on your dashboard, one of them is for your KuCoin’s spot account, and the other for your KuCoin’s futures account.

Next up, in the middle of the page you’ll see one or two IP addresses. Copy one of them and paste it in the IP blank on your KuCoin account’s API configuration page (the image below). Hit the “Add” button and you’ll see the IP address listed on the page. Now just hit the “Next” button.

Kucoin API key created

KuCoin will ask you to verify your account’s credentials to create the API, do it and the exchange will create your API and pop up its details for you to note.

Important Notice:

  • KuCoin and pretty much all crypto exchanges will show the “API Secret” (or Secret Key) only once and when you create it. If you miss or lose the secret key, you must delete the API key and create a new one.
  • The “Transfer” option in the API config settings is the “Withdrawal” permission. Finestel does not need withdrawal API access to your KuCoin or any other exchange account. Who or whatever has withdrawal API access to your exchange account, potentially has your assets.

Alright, read-only API key generated, now just copy the API Key and its Secret and paste them into their blanks on your Finestel account, alongside your KuCoin API passphrase and hit the “Next” button.

Connecting exchange account to Finestel - 2

The very last step is setting the connected KuCoin account’s (strategy) pricing, which is a feature for the white label copy trading (explained below). You can skip this step and set the pricing later using the account profile in the “My Exchanges” menu. The account pricing explained:

  • The Minimum Investment:is the minimum account balance that a KuCoin account must have to copy you.
  • The Performance Fee:is your share of your copier’s profit in the form of a percentage and is realized every 30 days.
  • The Subscription Fee:is a monthly fee that traders can set for copying the account. By hitting the next button, Finestel takes 60 seconds to connect to your KuCoin account and list it on the My Exchanges menu, the Portfolio Tracker, and copy trading services.

KuCoin Trade-Only (Investor-Type) API Key Configuration & Connecting to Finestel

Connecting exchange accounts as investors (copiers) has a similar procedure on our first copy trading model (copy trading bot). You should do the same as you did above, but select investors (copiers) instead of trader (master) as the exchange account’s role.
When you successfully connect your investor account, head to the copy trading tab, and hit on the “copy” button of each master account you want, and choose the copier and voila, you start copying!

2) White Label Social Copy Trading Platform for Kucoin

We’ve attached a presentation for this above in the page, but we’re gonna tell a little more about this copy trading model here. First we’ll talk about the act of copying via this model. So master accounts are connected the same as you connect them on the previous model. But in this model, connecting investor accounts is what your clients need to do, so it’s done on a different dashboard called front-office or client-view dashboard, which is your very “White Label Copy Trading” dashboard.

So here are the steps you should tell your clients to take to copy your strategies (connected in the admin dashboard).

Finestel Front Office (client-view) overview

Find the “Add New” button or “Add New Exchange” card, hit it and select KuCoin on the next page. From here to the end, the process is almost exactly the same as connecting trader-type exchange accounts. But with a different UI and this time you need to create an API key with a trade-access.

Create trade-access Kucoin API key

Go to your KuCoin account and do whatever is needed for a read-only API key, but you also need to check mark the “Spot Trading” or “Futures Trading” or both (recommended) options under the API permissions section.

Connecting Kucoin investor (copier) exchange account to Finestel white labeled dashboard

Then, paste the API key, secret, and the passphrase and hit the “Connect” button.

Within 60 seconds Finestel will connect to your investor-type KuCoin account and then list it on the “Overview” menu, “My Exchanges,” and the “Portfolio Tracker” service.

Start KuCoin Copy Trading

On the front-office dashboard, select the KuCoin account you want to copy a trader account with using the dropdown box on top of the dashboard; if you have more than one exchange account connected.
Next up select the market type by flipping the “Spot/Futures” switch on top of the dashboard. Now head over to the “Strategies” menu to find the trader-type KuCoin account you’ve connected via your Finestel dashboard.
By the way, the connected trader-type exchange accounts are visible by default, after connecting to Finestel, which means they will get listed in the Strategies menu right after connecting to Finestel. However, to unlist a trader account, go to the My Exchanges menu on your Finestel dashboard, hit the “Manage” button on the account card to land on the account’s profile and then flip the visibility switch to “Private.” Your account will get unlisted.
To copy your trader account or strategy, hit the “VIEW STRATEGY” button. On the strategy’s profile, you have the traders performance chart, risk and return, statistics, and two interesting buttons, The “Invest” button and the “Profit Calculator.”
Briefly before hitting the Invest button, which will start the copy trading session, the profit calculator is a sweet tool that will show you how much profit you would’ve made with this investor account, if you’d copied the strategy, with $1K to $100K, in different timeframes.
Now, by hitting the Invest button, Finestel will ask you to pay a 29 USDT monthly service fee. The service fee applies to each market type of the connected exchange account, but you can even cancel & copy again as many strategies as you want for 30 days. But keep in mind that every 29 USDT grants you a 1 concurrently active copy trading subscription.
To pay the service fee you need to have a minimum of 29 USDT in your Finestel wallet. Depositing into your Finestel wallet is simple and like any other crypto transactions. Finestel wallet is an independent TRC20 USDT only, built on the TRON blockchain.
After the payment, Finestel starts converting the copier account’s portfolio and will keep it synced with the copied trader as long as that copy trading session continues.

More Details About Finestel’s White Label Social Copy Trading Service

The Finestel copy trading explained, now let’s tell you about the white label service. First of all, a white label product - or software - has no brand or logo on it and can be deeply personalized and implemented under personal sub-domains; in the case of being a web-application like Finestel.
Finestel’s white label service is the Copy Trading environment/platform that you have on your Finestel dashboard but branded, customizable, and under your business’s sub-domain. Plus, the white label can integrate with the tools and services you’re currently using. You can run branded email marketing campaigns, implement ticketing systems, and link various different social media platforms and messenger applications.
The white label service is best for pro traders with a community of clients and AUM or portfolio and asset managers.

Finestel's White Label Copy Trading Is Better Than Other Models for The Pro Traders & Money Managers with a Community of Clients. But Why?

Many other trading solution providers in the industry provide somewhat similar copy trading services (usually in the form of a social trading platform) and trading automations, or may render services that Finestel does not. But after years of serving market participants (from newbie copy traders to veteran traders), we recognised something crucial!
We realized that most of the existing implemented copy trading models are basically designed to serve public investors (copy traders), and because of that traders must follow certain rules such as payment methods and models. Moreover, traders and their investors or copiers, which are actually an investment community, do not have proper means of communication channels except for comment sections or chat boxes.
We learned that we must not force the traders to modify their strategies to fit the platform’s rules, services, and capabilities.The platform must be customizable to the trader’s preferences. And, that’s what we’ve done building the Finestel white label solution.

Other Capabilities of Finestel’s White Label Solution

Well, when you get access to your white label, a few secret features will unlock with it.

VIP Support

Other than the integrable support channels between you and your customers such as integrable third-party emails, messenger, or in-app chat services, you will have Finestel’s VIP service; which our users rated us the highest for so far.
Finestel support team does not have direct access to a white label’s clients or customers. However, the white label owner is in 24/7 direct contact with Finestel’s technical support team via a private Telegram group.

Customizable Billing & Pricing Methods

The white label’s billing method (subscription and performance fees), minimum investment, and payment cycles (daily, weekly, monthly) are customizable, alongside the reporting system’s parameters and timeframes to the strategy’s essences.

Customizable Reporting & Client Management Dashboard

Customizable client support and communication channels, such as running email ticketing systems, connecting Telegram bots, or Discord servers, as well as many other social media platforms or messenger apps are also available.

Sales & Marketing Tools

Our white label solution sends all necessary transactional emails to your clients with your own brand on the emails. It also supports almost all third-party email marketing tools (e.g. Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc.).or online chats like (Crisp, hubspot, etc.) we also deliver your branded Telegram bot to empower you even further.

On Your Preferred Domain

We dedicate every white label to a Finestel subdomain like: [subdomain] However, you can easily integrate your white label with your business’ website, on your existing business domain, on its subdomain, or subfolders, via a simple DNS setting.

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