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Bybit Copy Trading
Bot + White Label Platform

Boost your money management and portfolio growth on Bybit exchange with a proportional white label copy trading and bot solution that effortlessly mirrors all master account orders into follower accounts.

About Finestel’s Bybit Copy Trading

Bring your crypto asset management to new heights with our sophisticated Bybit copy trading solutions.

Our dedicated team spearheaded some of the earliest Bybit API integrations and have refined order and trade replication technology over a huge amount of replicated orders.

The outcome is unrivaled speed and accuracy - even during market volatility.

Whether you trade popular Bybit spot pairs or derivative (futur


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How to Link
Bybit API Key?

Follow our easy step-by-step visual guide for creating read-access and trade-access Bybit API keys to connect with Finestel & start using our services.

Bybit Supported

Our advanced copy trading bot offers full integration with all Bybit order types and customizable settings across spot and perpetual swap markets.

Spot Orders



check1TP/SL (Immediately when triggered)

check1Conditional (Immediately when triggered)

Futures (Derivatives) Orders

check1 Limit
check1 Market
check1 Conditional
check1 Take Profit/Stop Loss
check1 Reduce Only
check1 Post Only
check1 Close On Trigger

More Details

check1 Margin Mode: Cross-Isolated (Consideration*: after changeing the leverage don't start any trading for 30 sec.)
check1 Leverage: Auto sync (Consideration*: after changeing the leverage don't start any trading for 30 sec.)
check1 Trigger Price Type: Last/Index/Mark
check1 Time in Force: Good-Till-Canceled/Immediate-Or-Cancel/Fill-Or-Kill
check1 Position Mode: One-Way Mode/Hedge Mode

Safe & Secure
Copy Trading

Ensuring the Highest Level of Protection for Your Trading Account and Personal Information

Multilayer encryption

Multilayer encryption

All sensitive data has encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.

Secure API keys

Secure API keys

All API keys used for trading is kept secure and not shared with anyone who does not need access to them.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication

Extra layer of security to the trading accounts

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More about Finestel’s Bybit Copy Trading

Bybit does have copy trading, yet we decided to make it available on Finestel. Mainly because a ton of our traders asked for it but also to let them lift the boundaries, have copy trading on the spot, customize the Bybit copy trading the way they prefer, and have the option to integrate Bybit with their A-Z white label copy trading software with their brand on it!

In this paper, we’ll briefly talk about Bybit tools and services (derivatives copy trading & trading bots), then about Bybit copy trading (spot & derivatives) services on Finestel. Lastly, we’ll reveal a secret! We’ll tell you how to build a branded copy trading platform supporting Bybit - as well as Binance, KuCoin, and OKX - to serve your community of clients.

Why We Added Bybit Copy Trading to Finestel

As we said above, Bybit has a native derivatives copy trading, which is more like a PAMM (Percentage Allocated Management Model), and we’ll talk about it in the next heading. However, Finestel supports Bybit copy trading on both spot and futures markets through a fully proportional trade replication execution system. Actually, we offer copy trading in two formats: 1) as a service 2) in your white label dashboard. Moreover, we have a couple of more complementary services to offer Bybit traders, especially those who have a private community of clients (investors, copy traders, followers…).

Briefly, Finestel is a crypto trading technology solution provider. We have developed a reliable and robust copy trading software, a free comprehensive portfolio tracker, and a white label solution for the market’s professionals. We have more trading services to come. Check our services below:

  • Proportional Copy Trading:
    A thoroughly proportional copy trading service, available for both spot and futures markets of Binance, Bybit, KuCoin, and OKX; stay tuned for more. Finestel’s copy trading service is suitable and available (30-day free trial, nothing’s required) for all market participants; from newbie investors to expert traders.
  • Portfolio Tracker App (FREE):
    Also available for everyone, Finestel’s portfolio tracker app renders reporting tools and services such as live futures position indicator, trades and orders historical track records, asset allocations, performance analysis, and more! The app allows you to switch between multiple exchange accounts with only two mouse clicks!
  • Customizable White Label Crypto Asset Management Software:
    The white label Finestel is primarily designed for professional crypto traders, portfolio, and asset managers with a community of clients. The software contains all Finestel services plus a few more, can be integrated with personal and third-party services, and customized to the owner’s preferences.
  • Tradingview Bot (soon):
    The ability to connect Tradingview bots via Tradingview webhook, to execute strategies
    of your Tradingview accounts on your connected exchange accounts on Finestel.
  • More services to come! You can even reach out and ask us to develop your favorable
    services. We value your demands.

Where Does Bybit Stand in the Crypto Industry?

Bybit has been in the crypto industry since March 2018. It’s in the top 5 crypto spot market exchanges & in the top 3 derivatives crypto exchanges (at the time of writing) with over 300 trading pairs, the exchange is well-known for its diverse trading services (futures copy trading, auto trading, AI trading…).

Bybit has tools for technical analyses and watching the market sentiment on its “Market Data” section, API trading via MetaTrader and actions (MT4), subaccounts, and two other services that we’re going to talk about a little more, their futures copy trading system, and trading bot.

All About the Copy Trading Platform of Bybit: A Profit Sharing Social Trading Platform

Discover top Bybit Traders on its native social copy trading

Bybit’s social trading is very narrowed toward utilizing a safe and simple copy trading environment for the public crypto investors to copy professional traders, called “Master Traders.”

Bybit copy trading - master trader landing

Master Traders & Followers

Followers are Bybit users that copy Master Traders. They can see the trader’s historical track record on their profile, check their ranking and reputation, or see their followers’ profits.

To copy them, investors may choose between the Smart Copy Mode, which leaves everything to the traders, or Advanced Copy Mode to define some personal limits (Copy Stop Loss).

Bybit smart copy mode vs. advanced copy mode

To become a Master Trader on Bybit, you need to submit an application, starting with an “Agreement Confirmation,” clarifying Master Traders’ responsibilities, Bybit copy trading rules, and penalties for violating those rules (the image below).

Bybit ranks Master Traders based on their ROI, profitability, and several other factors; the higher the rank, the higher the profit share (15% max) and follower limit.

Bybit Trading Bots

DCA (Dollar Cost Average) and spot & futures Grid bots are available and very easy to create using a user-friendly GUI (Graphical User Interface). They even have AI strategies available for spot and futures Grid bots.

Bybit trading bots : spot grid bot- dca bot - futures grid bot

These bots are automated algorithms that execute trades or trading strategies on your Bybit accounts and are also available to copy.

We’ll tell you what happens if you connect those digital creatures to the white label app after telling you how Bybit copy trading on Finestel works.

How Finestel Offers Bybit Spot & Derivatives Copy Trading

Finestel delivers the Bybit copy trading not in the form of a social trading platform, but as a software that professionals can customize, set their own price models on it and even integrate the white label solution we deliver them in their website so they can offer it to their clients.

Bybit copy trading on Finestel works via Bybit’s API access and through read-only and trade-only API keys; we’ll get into the details further below. API stands for Application Programming Interface, which is a communication channel between apps, computers, or pieces of software.

Finestel’s automated copy trading bot, reads and copies both spot and derivative actions (trades & orders) from the exchange accounts that are connected via read-only API access; AKA trader-type (master) exchange accounts.

Unlike the previous method (syncing), Finestel will not sync the investor's current spot portfolio with the copied trader’s current spot portfolio and open orders at the starting point.

Afterward, Finestel executes proportional replications of them on the exchange accounts that are connected via trade-only API keys; AKA the investor-type exchange accounts. Concurrently, Finestel feeds the portfolio tracker and reporting system, via the same API key and makes thorough reports.

How It Works

We’ll get into the API creation details and connecting Bybit accounts to Finestel soon, but first let’s talk about the two models Finestel offers its Bybit copy trading software.

1-Finestel’s Copy Trading, as a Service

It’s a fully automatic and proportional trade execution system capable of executing replications of a copied trade from a connected “trader-type” Bybit account into multiple investor-type Bybit accounts that copy the trader account.

The “proportionality” is applied to all trade settings (cross, isolated, hedge mode…) and order elements (SL, TP, OCO, leverage…). It means the executed replication will be proportionate to the copy trader’s exchange account balance ratio to the copied trader’s.

Each connected trader account (listed as a trading strategy in the Copy Trading environment) can have specific pricing and billing methods, and also a minimum investment, depending on the trader’s will.

Bybit strategies list on Finestel front office

2-White Label Copy Trading Service

The white label service renders all Finestel services (copy trading, portfolio tracker, reporting…) plus a few more including a robust CRM, but its core value is the customizations and personalizations the software offers to the industry’s professionals.

The white label service is an infrastructure to run asset management businesses on top of, while it’s wearing your brand logo and color and is also implemented under your personal domain address, or a personal Finestel subdomain; like: “” or “”

The service is best suitable for professional traders with a private community of clients (investors/copy traders/followers), portfolio and asset managers.

The white label service contains everything Finestel has pulse a few more options, under your brand, and deeply customized to your preferences.

Now, to use either of those services you’ll need to connect your Bybit account to Finestel via read-only or read-write (Bybit’s term for trade-only configs) API key configurations,

Connecting Bybit Accounts to Finestel via API Keys

My exchanges list on Finestel back office (admin) dashboard

The first dashboard you see after logging in to your Finestel account is called the back office, where you connect trader-type (master) Bybit accounts (via read-only API keys), whether for copy trading or portfolio tracking and reporting.

Trader-Type Accounts on The Back Office

In the “My Exchanges” menu, click on the “Add Exchanges” button and select Bybit on the next page and hit the “Next” button.

Connecting Bybit to Finestel for copy trading - 1

Pick a name for the new Bybit account - and select your country if you like. The account could be added as spot or futures only, or could add both.

Connecting Bybit to Finestel for copy trading - 2

If you select the “Both” option you will see two exchange account cards on your dashboard, one for your Bybit’s account spot, and one for your Bybit account’s futures.

Now, head over to your Bybit account/subaccount to create a read-only API key. The read-only API keys allow Finestel to read trading data & actions from the connected exchange account, whether to feed the portfolio tracker and reporting, or for copy trading purposes.

Bybit has quite a sophisticated API configuration interface and we’ll get into its in-depth details under the API Key Configurations heading, further below.

After creating the API key, copy and paste the API credentials (the key and secret) into their blanks on your Finestel account and hit the “Next” button for the last time.

Connecting Bybit to Finestel for copy trading - 3

Lastly, you need to set the account’s copy trading Fees or Billing, including:

  • The Subscription Fee:
    A monthly payment that investor-type accounts pay to copy the trader-type account - or strategy.
  • The Performance Fee:
    The trader-type account’s share of its copy traders’ proportional profits.
  • The Min. Investment:
    The minimum Bybit account balance an investor-type account must have to copy the strategy.

Once the trader sets the billing system, Finestel will take care of all the payment calculations and settlements accordingly.

Within 60 seconds, Finestel connects to your Bybit account and you’ll see its cards (spot & futures) in the My Exchanges menu, and also their balance and statistics in the portfolio tracker app, on the back office dashboard.

Finestel's portfolio tracker on back office (admin) dashboard

To list/unlist the connected Bybit accounts (for investor-type exchange accounts to see & copy), hit the “Manage” button on the account card and on the account profile switch the account visibility to Public or Private; the Public will list the account for copy trading and Private will unlist it.

Connecting Bybit Investor-Type Accounts to Copy Strategies on The Front Office

The investor-type (copy trader) accounts are connected via Bybit read-write API key configurations, and through the Copy Trading environment, called the front office.

So, you will need another Bybit account (or subaccount, which is a great option to use for copy trading), with another Bybit API key configuration with the read-write permissions; again, the details and how-to further below.

Now, with the new read-write API key credentials (the key and secret) in hand, head over to your Finestel back office dashboard and hit the “Copy Trading” service, which will take you to the front office.

On the front office find the button that reads “Add Exchange Account” or “Add New;” you’ll find it, it’s everywhere. As you’ll probably tell, the process and flow is similar to connecting trader-type accounts through the back office.

Strategies to copy on Finestel White label front office

Copy and paste the API key credentials and connect the account. After connecting you will see the Bybit account in My Exchanges manu of the front office and will be able to copy your listed “Strategies” - which are your connected trader - type exchange accounts.

API Key Configurations for Connecting Bybit Trader & Investor Accounts to Finestel

The visual step-by-step guide is up on the page on “How to Create Bybit API Key?” section. However we’ll explain it more in details.

Log in to your Bybit account and go to the API management section. For both read-only and read-write API configurations, you need to select the “API Transaction” or “Connect to Third-Party Applications” (recommended) options.

Finestel as a third-party application of Bybit

If “connect to a third-party application” option is selected just find and select Finestel from the dropdown menu below it and you’re good to go.

If the API transaction is selected, you need to select the “Only IPs with permissions granted…” and then copy and paste the IP address Finestel shows you when you’re connecting the account (the image below).

Bybit connecting to Finestel IP white listing
Read-only API Configuration (Trader-Type Accounts)

Below the “API Key Permission” section, select the “Read-Only” option and check mark boxes like the image below:

read-only Bybit API configuration for Finestel copy trading
Read-Write API Configuration (Investor-Type Accounts)

Below the “API Key Permission” section, select the “Read-Write” option and check mark boxes like the image below:

read-write Bybit API configuration for Finestel copy trading

Now just hit the “Submit” button, and after a quick 2FA verification, Bybit will show your API’s name, Key, Secret, and permissions.

**Keep in mind that for security reasons, Bybit – like all crypto exchanges – shows your secret only once and upon creation only. If you miss or lose it, you must delete the API key and create a new one.

Bybit API key creation success message

Let’s Start Bybit Copy Trading on Finestel

Alright, let’s assume you have two Bybit accounts/subaccounts connected to Finestel already. One trader-type account (via a read-only API key) through the back office dashboard, and one investor-type account (via a read-write API key) through the front office dashboard.

FYI, trader-type accounts will be public by default after connecting, meaning they will get listed in the Copy Trading service and on the “Strategies” menu on the front office. However, you can switch the account to “Private” (to unlist it) on the account profile, which is accessible via the “Manage” button on the account card; find it on the “My Exchanges” menu on the back office dashboard.

So, supposedly, you have a trader-type account listed in Strategies and ready to get copied. Go to the front office dashboard - using the Copy Trading menu on the back office dashboard - and select the connected investor-type Bybit account that you want to copy the trader account with; if you have more than one investor accounts connected to Finestel.

Next, head over to the Strategies menu to find your trader (master) account. Please keep in mind to flip the “Spot/Futures” switch on top of the dashboard to the market type you want to copy. This is where Bybit spot and futures copy trading on Finestel separate from each other, switching to “Spot” for Bybit spot copy trading and to “Futures” for Bybit derivatives copy trading.

spot and futures switch on Finestel front office

Now, just hit the “VIEW STRATEGY” button on the account card to land on its profile. The trader account profile shows crucial details about the traders performance such as risk, return, and performance statistics, as well as its copy trading pricing.

There’s also a “profit calculator” hanging on the account profile that shows how much profit you would’ve made if you’d copied the trader with $1K to $100K investment, in different time frames.

Finestel's profit calculator

Hit the “Invest” button! Finestel will ask the investor account to pay a 29USDT ($29) service fee. The payments are carried via the Finestel wallet (on the back office dashboard) so you need to have an equal to or more than one service fee in your wallet.

After the settlement, two scenarios will happen if you’re Bybit copy trading on the spot; Bybit futures copy trading only has one mode.

Bybit Spot Copy Trading Modes on Finestel

  • Syncing Mode:
    Finestel starts with canceling all the spot open orders on the copier Bybit account, followed by executing a replication of the copied trader account’s spot portfolio on it through some trades and orders. FYI, Finestel finds the cheapest and most efficient way (least possible trading fees) to convert the copier’s portfolio. The process takes 60 seconds, afterwards, Finestel’s copy trading service will keep the investor account synced with the copied trader until the end of the copy trading session.
  • Unsyncing Mode:
    The investor account will not receive a portfolio replication in this mode, instead, Finestel will convert the account’s spot portfolio into the copied trader’s preferred quote currency - USDT is the default but USDC and BUSD are also available upon the trader’s request. From there, Finestel will only execute the copied trader’s new spot order replications on the copier account(s), and also keep the copier accounts synced with the copied trader’s during the copy trading session. By the way, that is somewhat similar to how Bybit futures copy trading works on Finestel.

Bybit Futures Copy Trading on Finestel

Most of the process is similar to Bybit spot copy trading. The differences are:

1 .You need to flip the Spot/Futures switch to Futures.
2 . Relatively similar to the “spot Unsyncing mode,” Finestel will not execute replications of
the copied trader’s open positions, and pair orders that already have an open position
because those positions could be close to their SL or TP, or far from entry price.

Except for the second condition (pair orders with open positions), Finestel will keep the copier
Bybit futures account synced with the trader.

Finestel will execute proportional replications of the copied orders including all trade elements,
settings, and conditions (SL, TP, OCO, leverage, amount, cross, isolated, hedge mode…) into
the copier accounts as long as they’re copying the trader.

Other Finestel Services; The Portfolio Tracker & White Label

The portfolio tracker software is - freely - available on front and back office dashboards for both
trader and investor accounts. The app is a robust tool and is suitable for every type of investor
in the industry (from fresh new investors, up to veteran traders).

The white label can also integrate with the third-party or personal service that the owners are already using for their businesses.

The white label service, on the other hand, is primarily designed for portfolio and asset
managers, and pro traders with a community of clients (copy traders/investors/followers…).

Finestel’s Portfolio Tracking Service

The back office portfolio tracker app is dedicated to the connected trader-type Bybit accounts,
and the one on the front office is for tracking investor-type Bybit accounts.

Finestel’s portfolio tracker provides:

  • Trades and orders historical track records
  • Futures live position indicator
  • Account asset allocation
  • Performance analyses
  • CSV format export extracts

And, does all that for multiple connected Binance, Bybit, KuCoin, or OKX - or more soon -
accounts that switching between them literally takes two clicks!

Tradingview Bot

Still not available, but shortly, you will be able to connect Tradingview bots to your Bybit
accounts to run your Tradingview strategies directly on your Bybit account using Finestel. It
works with Tradingview webhooks.

Trading Terminal

Also will be available shortly (right now it only support Binance and is added to the dashboard of
the user on their request), it’s a fast terminal that supports all trades setups, order elements, so
on and so forth. You can trade on all your exchange accounts in the same dashbaord as easily as switching a button to switch between your multiple Bybit/Binance/OKX/Kucoin

The White Label Service

A white label software is a digital product with no brand or logo, and is ready to deploy your
commercial personalizations on it.

The white label service contains all Finestel services and a few more (CRM, VIP support,
marketing tools); the details are down below. However, the extra services are not the primary
features of the
white label service, it’s the customizability of some of those services and the personal modifiability.
In other words, the white label is the front office dashboard personalized with your logo, color,
literature, and implemented under your personal domain/subdomain address or a Finestel
subdomain address.

The white label owners have access to:

  • An automatic customizable CRM (Client Relationship Management) system. You are
    able to customize billing methods, payment cycles, add/remove/modify reporting
    parameters, and more.
  • An exclusive VIP support. You have direct 24/7 access to the Finestel tech support team
    via a private Telegram group. By the way, we never contact a white label’s customer
  • A branded portfolio tracker. You’ll have a branded portfolio tracker app to make available
    to your platform users, whether for free or a fee.
  • The white label service has the required infrastructure for integrating third-party tools
    and services like in-app chats, email servers, or alike, whether for running marketing
    campaigns or support and ticketing services.

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