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The Power of MEXC Copy Trading at Your Fingertips. We offer advanced, secure copy trading supporting top exchanges. And for professional MEXC traders seeking advanced capabilities, we're ready to rapidly develop a customized MEXC integration. Get in touch if you need the full power of MEXC order types mirrored at scale.

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Generating MEXC API Keys Made Simple. Follow our easy guide for creating read-only and trade-enabled API keys to connect with Finestel and other third-party apps.

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Our powerful copy trading software currently connects with top crypto exchanges to seamlessly mirror all the orders. Now, for professional MEXC traders seeking more advanced capabilities, we're ready to rapidly develop a custom MEXC integration based on your needs. So if MEXC is integral to your asset management strategy, get in touch. We can deliver an enterprise-grade MEXC copy trading solution tailored to your fund.If you want to see the replication procedure, Watch the video:

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More About MEXC Copy Trading

MEXC copy trading platform is one of the best in the crypto space among the cryptocurrency exchanges. Its internal copy trading service allows traders and investors with MEXC exchange accounts to participate.

As a trader, you should request to become one of the pro traders listed on the platform for others to copy. On the other hand, as an investor, you have a much easier job. You should select a suitable trader to copy and replicate their orders in your account based on your financial goals and risk tolerance.

In the coming sections, we briefly introduce the MEXC exchange and its native copy trading platform. We then shift our focus to MEXC API keys by explaining what API keys are and providing a step-by-step guide on generating API keys on MEXC and using them to connect to other copy trading platforms.

By comparing Finestel’s white-label solution to MEXC copy trading, we demonstrate how Finestel can be the next step for your business. Finally, we analyze some other characteristics of MEXC, including its fees, deposit methods, and security.

An Introduction to the MEXC Exchange

MEXC is a relatively young cryptocurrency exchange established in 2018. They are famous for mega transaction matching technology and high performance. They currently serve more than 10 million users from more than 170 countries around the world. MEXC holds licenses in multiple countries, such as Estonia, Australia, and the United States, while being headquartered in Seychelles.

MEXC is one of the top 20 cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide, according to CoinMarketCap. The daily volume of MEXC usually exceeds $500 million. They offer spot and futures trading, as well as quantitative trading, ETF trading, and copy trading services.

MEXC’s Native Copy Trading Platform: The premier social trading platform for sharing profits

MEXC also offers a native crypto copy trading platform. This way, investors can replicate the executions of professional traders, technically allowing them to manage their portfolios. In return, traders would receive a predetermined share of the profits.

Traders and Copier Roles

In MEXC copy trade, you can have either the role of a trader or a copier. As a trader, you should first request to be a copy trader and wait for the MEXC team to accept it. After that, people would be able to follow you. Every order you place or execute will be replicated in the followers’ accounts.

On the other hand, as a follower, you are an investor who has delegated the management of their funds to a professional trader. Having an account with MEXC and enough balance would be enough to start copying MEXC’s traders. However, remember to analyze their performance and risk factors before selecting the one most suitable.

MEXC API Key & API Copy Trading Guide

You can use MEXC API keys to connect your account to copy trading services and either be a trader or a copier. In this section, we briefly explain how API keys work and a step-by-step guide for API copy trading.

What Is an API Key & Its Application?

API key, short for Application Programming Interface key, allows you to access and interact with 3rd party platforms. APIs are a set of protocols enabling different applications to exchange data and communicate seamlessly with one another.

Using MEXC API keys, you can grant access to 3rd party services to access your account automatically, without any need for revealing your login credentials to them.

How to Create MEXC API Keys?

Remember that to be able to create MEXC API keys, you must first create an account with the exchange and set up two-factor authentication using an app like Google Authenticator. Then, Go to the Profile section on the top right side of the page:

  • Click on API Management, located on the left-hand side menuMEXC API Keys Management - 1
  • On the next page, select the appropriate permissions you are willing to grant to the 3rd party application. You can also link an IP address for better security.MEXC API Keys Management - 2
  • A pop-up window would then appear, which requires you to verify your request using Email and two-factor authentication codes.MEXC API Keys Management - 3
  • Finally, your API keys will be created. Remember to write down the access key and the secret key, especially the latter, because you will be unable to retrieve it in case you lose it.MEXC API Keys Management - 4

MEXC Copy Trading through API Connections

Depending on the copy trading platform you want to work with, whether you are a trader or a copier, and if you only want to trade spot, futures, or both, you should choose the suitable permissions you are willing to grant.

Then, you should enter the API created on MEXC in the copy trading platform you chose, and you will be able to connect your account as a trader or an investor. Note that the steps might differ from platform to platform, so we only provided a general overview.

How Has Finstel Enhanced the Practice of Copy Trading?

Finestel began its journey as a copy trading platform, and its copy trading service was one of the best around. Although Finestel has evolved into a trading technology provider, its copy trading software has only gotten better.

Copy Trading on Finestel, Idea Briefing

Rather than a copy trading platform, Finestel offers a white-label asset management solution to its clients. Asset managers and professional traders can create a platform under their own brand and offer asset management services to their clients using Finestel’s cutting-edge copy trading technology.

Finestel’s software also involves billing automation for subscriptions, portfolio trackers, performance analytics, marketing and sales tools for business growth, and communication channels for the trader to interact with the investors conveniently.

Presenting your services in a highly customizable manner and under your brand name, logo, and URL is the main advantage of using Finestel’s copy trading rather than MEXC’s internal service. Also, do not forget all the additional features you gain access to with Finestel’s software, like portfolio tracker and billing automation.

Finestel’s white-label asset management service is for traders and asset managers who are willing to take their business to the next level, as professional businesses require professional tools and solutions.

Finestel’s Supported Exchanges

Finestel currently supports some of the most popular and reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. These include Binance, KuCoin, Bybit, OKX, and soon, Traders and investors who have accounts with these exchanges can utilize our asset management and copy trading service via API keys.

MEXC Is in Our Development Roadmap, and You Can Ask Us to Prioritize It

While Finestel does not support MEXC, it is in our development roadmap. Yet, we always try to listen to our clients. So, make sure to let us know if you want us to prioritize MEXC.

Some Other Information about MEXC

MEXC Trading Fees

As we already mentioned, MEXC offers both spot and perpetual futures trading. For spot trading, MEXC charges no fees at all; both maker and taker fees are zero. Maker fees are also zero for futures trading, but MEXC charges 0.01% for taker fees in perpetual futures.

Withdrawal fees vary in MEXC. Yet, for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tether, withdrawal fees on the LOOP network are zero.

MEXC Deposit Methods

You can either deposit fiat money or cryptocurrencies to MEXC. To deposit fiat money like USD and EUR, you can use your debit, credit card, or even PayPal to charge your account. Then, you can trade cryptocurrencies with your funds.

On the other hand, depositing crypto to your MEXC account is different and depends on the token and the network you want to transact. You can receive cryptos on the network you choose.

Is MEXC Safe?

Just like many top cryptocurrency exchanges, MEXC uses two-factor authentication methods like Google Authenticator for an added layer of security. It also uses email confirmation for critical actions like withdrawals or security changes to the account.

Using sophisticated cold storage for crypto reserves and the two-step authentication methods above ensures that user assets are kept safe and secure. Therefore, MEXC is considered one of the most secure centralized exchanges worldwide.