The best crypto games in 2024

Top 14 Crypto Games in 2024: The Most Detailed Guide to P2E Games

In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency industry, many gaming projects have emerged. As we explore the best crypto games in 2024, this Finestel article unveils the top games to win real money in this thriving ecosystem. From the well-established Axie Infinity to the futuristic Star Atlas, these games include some of the most popular crypto games and some of the very underrated ones.

This in-depth overview examines various features and unique attributes of these popular crypto games. This provides readers with a comprehensive guide to investment opportunities within the crypto gaming field.

Knowing the best crypto games is somehow necessary for crypto enthusiasts, investors, and traders. These games are not just digital assets. They carry the potential to reshape the landscape of the gaming industry. We aim to assist readers in understanding these crypto games’ distinctive features and promising elements. It caters to those pursuing entertainment and lucrative investment opportunities in this dynamic and transformative sector.

What Are Play to Earn Crypto Games?

Play to earn (P2E) titles have orchestrated a mind-blowing shift in the ever-evolving gaming realm. They introduced an innovative economic paradigm that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of gaming. Now, players can play games to win real money in the form of cryptocurrencies, a process that translates their in-game efforts into tangible real-world value.

What Are Play to Earn Crypto Games?

These real money earning games leverage blockchain technology to tokenize in-game assets. They morph these assets into unique entities known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or fungible tokens securely stored on a blockchain. This provides players with undeniable ownership over their virtual possessions, making P2E games the best crypto games one can play.

A self-sustaining economic ecosystem takes shape within the game’s universe. It allows players to buy, sell, and trade their tokenized assets. A native cryptocurrency often facilitates this process, helping the players of these games to win real money.

In diverse in-game activities, from intense battles to complex crafting, players unlock opportunities to collect valuable items, tokens, or cryptocurrencies. This elevates their gameplay experiences into real-world worth. The blockchain acts as a secure venue, recording every transaction to ensure integrity and safety. This creates a trustworthy gaming environment impervious to manipulation or fraud.

These play-to-earn games operate on decentralized platforms. They empower players with more control over their in-game assets and earnings. As a result, P2E games create new economic avenues. Additionally, the best crypto games develop community involvement through governance mechanisms.

The resulting decentralization and democracy mark a paradigm shift, where players enjoy immersive gaming experiences and actively shape the game’s development while earning money on the side. This further highlights the transformative potential of play to earn games in the gaming world.

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What Are the Best Crypto Games for 2024?

While we explained a few crypto P2E games and concepts, this article is primarily a best crypto games review. While most other lists comprise the top 10 crypto games, we chose to include 14 due to the high availability of valuable real money earning games. 

What Are the Best Crypto Games for 2024?

Meme Kombat

Meme Kombat, an innovative gaming platform, has emerged as one of the best crypto games for gamers searching for an answer to how to earn money with playing games. It offers a unique blend of active betting and passive staking with enticing rewards for all users.

The platform introduces a countdown until listings and the official launch of Meme Kombat. As the presale deadline approaches, users have one last chance to buy and choose their currency, with 1 $MK valued at $0.279.

The Meme Kombat community has shown significant engagement, with 77% of $MK staked, resulting in an impressive Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 94%. So far, the total rewards paid in $MK amount to 9,567,264, attracting 13,100 stakers.

Meme Kombat: Is it the Best Crypto Game?

Meme Kombat’s tokenomics are designed to encourage community participation. Half of the total token supply is allocated for the $MK presale. At the same time, 30% supports the platform’s ecosystem, ensuring a balanced and rewarding experience for stakers and participants in meme battles. Ten percent of the overall supply is reserved for pairing with a liquidity pool on a decentralized exchange to enhance liquidity and market accessibility. The remaining 10% of tokens are set aside for community rewards to encourage participation.

Meme Kombat invites players to stake MK tokens in its arena, participate in meme battles, and explore the chance to win big rewards. The platform’s focus on user engagement, comprehensive roadmap, and dedicated team make Meme Kombat one of the best crypto games for this year.

Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds is our second entry into the list of the best crypto games. It is a futuristic metaverse set in 2055, making it a unique play-to-earn game for its players. As space explorers, players collect, trade, and utilize unique digital assets or NFTs predominantly minted on the WAX blockchain. The game’s economy revolves around mining Trilium (TLM), participating in battles, and completing quests, creating a dynamic and engaging gameplay environment.

In this interactive universe, competition and collaboration with fellow players are essential for accumulating Trilium. New players start their journey equipped with an avatar, a basic shovel, and a skill tree, allowing them to explore various planets for mining TLM. The strategic staking of Trilium becomes crucial as it unlocks a range of benefits, including the augmentation of planet reward pools.

Alien Worlds: Popular P2E Game

What sets Alien Worlds apart is its integration of blockchain technology, which ensures transparent recording of all player actions on the blockchain. This guarantees visibility and allows players to exercise creativity within the game’s ecosystem. Furthermore, utilizing blockchain data enables the issuance of rewards to players, contributing to a rich and immersive gaming experience.

To enter this captivating metaverse, players need to acquire a WAX Cloud Wallet. This wallet can be easily linked to their social media accounts. TLM, the in-game currency, can be acquired on various crypto exchanges. Moreover, players can easily set up a WAX Cloud Wallet at no cost.

Alien Worlds goes beyond traditional gaming by presenting an opportunity for players to earn passive income through Land ownership, allowing them to generate revenue through planet taxes. As players navigate this innovative metaverse, Alien Worlds prioritizes innovation, collaboration, and community engagement, exemplified by its Galactic Hubs program that grants impactful contributions to the ecosystem.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular crypto games. A lot of gamers even claim it to be the best crypto game in the world. It is among the most popular games to win real money while engaging in a Pokémon-style gaming experience. The game revolves around creature battling, requiring players to breed and raise Axies, unique creatures used for battles. Notably, Axie Infinity extends beyond battles, allowing players to purchase virtual real estate as NFTs. All transactions are recorded in Ronin. It is a sidechain developed by Sky Mavis.

Axie Infinity: The Most Popular Crypto Game

As a play to earn game, Axie Infinity enables players to monetize their in-game assets, including Axies, by selling them in the marketplace. The game introduces two different crypto tokens: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS), considered the primary token and serving as a governance token, and Small Love Potion (SLP), a unique token rewarded to players for completing quests and achieving success in competitions.

To enter the Axie Infinity universe, players need a compatible Ethereum platform crypto wallet, ETH, and a Ronin wallet for connectivity. The game is accessible on various devices, including PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

Axie Infinity’s uniqueness lies in its integration of blockchain technology. It provides transparency by recording player actions on the blockchain. This ensures visibility and allows players to engage creatively within the game’s ecosystem.

Sponge V2

Sponge V2 is the upgraded version of the original SPONGE meme coin. It aims to surpass the success of its predecessor. The original SPONGE experienced a remarkable 100x increase in value in 2023. Sponge V2 is set to achieve even more significant milestones. With ambitions to reach a $100 million market cap, the Sponge V2 team is actively working towards securing listings on major exchanges, including Binance and OKX.

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Sponge V2: One of the Best Crypto Games

One notable enhancement in Sponge V2’s utility is introducing a play to earn game scheduled for launch in 2024. This innovative move is designed to create engagement through interactive gameplay. It attracts new investors and drives demand for the native SPONGE tokens.

Investors can acquire Sponge V2 by staking V1 tokens, which will be locked, effectively transitioning them to the V2 platform for rewards spanning four years. To further incentivize early support, the project offers a limited-time bonus during the V2 token sale, therefore doubling the acquisition of V2 tokens.


Decentraland is a virtual world operating on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows players to explore virtual real estate known as LANDs, create unique artworks, and trade digital assets such as LAND and avatar wearables through the Decentraland Marketplace. The game is fully decentralized and controlled by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Players can therefore influence and govern the workings of Decentraland actively. These features have made Decentraland one of the most popular crypto games around the globe.

Two key crypto tokens within the game are LAND which represents virtual real estate as NFTs, and MANA, a cryptocurrency used for in-game transactions. With MANA you can purchase assets like LAND and virtual products. Users can engage in activities such as exploring the metaverse, buying and trading digital art, and even pursuing education at Decentraland University.

Decentraland: Interactive Play to Earn Game

Owned and operated by its user community, Decentraland provides a unique virtual environment, making it one of the top real money earning games. Whether through buying and trading MANA or LAND tokens, designing and selling avatar clothing, or seeking grants from the Decentraland DAO, players have multiple avenues for income generation within this blockchain-based game. The Decentraland Foundation develops the game. It has evolved rapidly since its launch in January 2020 and continues to thrive among p2e games.

In Summary, Decentraland is a decentralized virtual world where users own the metaverse land they acquire as NFTs. Players can monetize and develop their virtual properties, participate in various in-game activities to earn MANA rewards, and engage in the platform’s governance using MANA tokens. The MANA token also serves as the in-game cryptocurrency. The ecosystem fosters creativity, community events, and various economic opportunities within its virtual landscape.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a decentralized virtual world that operates on blockchain technology. It strongly emphasizes user-generated content and adopts a P2E model. In this metaverse-building game, players can earn cryptocurrency rewards by creating, sharing, and monetizing their game content.

Like Decentraland, The Sandbox utilizes Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to represent various in-game assets. These range from characters and buildings to items and land. The platform facilitates the sale of these in-game assets through its marketplace. It has attracted the involvement of notable brands and businesses like Samsung, Atari, Adidas, Gucci, and HSBC, who have acquired land for their projects.

The Sandbox: Is it the Best Crypto Game?

SAND tokens play a vital role within The Sandbox’s economic framework. It serves as the primary cryptocurrency for gameplay transactions, including land acquisition and participation in DAO governance. Additionally, the platform features ASSET tokens, which are NFTs representing in-game items that can be traded on the marketplace.

The Sandbox is one of the best crypto games due to its VoxEdit tool that enables players to create 3D graphics and models for the virtual world. Through game-maker tools, users can craft items to be sold in exchange for SAND, fostering a vibrant and creative ecosystem where players can contribute to the metaverse and be rewarded for their ingenuity.


Illuvium is a top play to earn blockchain game. It is positioned among the most popular crypto games. This unique blockchain game (IBG) operates on the Ethereum blockchain. It introduces players to a rich gaming experience encompassing open-world exploration, auto-battling, and city building. Notably, Illuvium is accessible as a free-to-play experience for new players. This feature allows them to engage with the game without needing ILV tokens. However, for those seeking to unlock the full spectrum of features, there is a paid experience that enables players to collect NFTs and explore various regions within the game.

Illuvium: Popular Play to Earn Game

Players can explore seven different landscapes in the Illuvium universe. These comprise the Illuvium Overworld, Illuvium Arena, and Illuvium Arena, each offering unique in-game experiences. The game’s core features include:

  • Capturing over 150 Illuvials.
  • Creating and managing a personalized team.
  • Constructing a digital industrial complex.

Actual ownership of in-game assets is a crucial aspect of Illuvium. This enables players to collect, trade, and sell items in the marketplace. The ILV token is integral to the game’s ecosystem. You can stake it for rewards and utilize it in governance, liquidity mining, and vault distributions. Additionally, players can acquire ILV tokens on supported exchanges such as Sushi, Binance, and KuCoin.

Illuvium, founded by Kieran and Aaron Warwick in 2020, is currently undergoing Closed Beta testing. Users expect it to be available on PC and Mac. While not yet playable on mobile devices, developers are actively working on a modified mobile version and a console version for platforms like Xbox and PlayStation. The game’s AAA-grade graphics make it a noteworthy contender in the P2E gaming landscape and our list of best crypto games.


Polywin is an innovative platform that merges the worlds of crypto trading and gaming excitement. It operates on the Polygon blockchain. The platform offers users access to thrilling 45-second rounds where strategic bets can produce substantial rewards. In fact, Polywin functions as a crypto casino. What sets Polywin apart is its user-friendly approach that eliminates the need for lengthy registrations and deposits.

Users can swiftly dive into the action and place bets within 30 seconds. They should then wait for the 15-second revelation that determines the outcome. The Polywin crypto casino ensures instant wins and direct deposits of rewards into users’ crypto wallets.

Polywin: Top Crypto Casino Game

Polywin distinguishes itself in the competitive landscape through its commitment to transparency. Unlike traditional platforms, there’s no house edge in this crypto casino. instead, Polywin emphasizes player-vs-player dynamics. It puts the user’s predictive skills at the forefront. Integrating real-time crypto trading with gamified elements creates an electrifying rush that makes Polywin one of the best crypto games.

Moreover, Polywin prioritizes trust and transparency. It leverages the security and immutability of blockchain technology to ensure the verifiability of every action. The platform undergoes strict audits by CertiK, solidifying its dedication to security and reliability. Overall, Polywin offers a play-to-earn experience that combines entertainment, transparency, and the potential for significant profits.

My Neighbour Alice

My Neighbor Alice (ALICE) is a viral blockchain-based multiplayer builder game. It allows players to buy virtual land, own islands, and engage in item collection and construction. You can also make new friends within the game community. The platform features a marketplace where users can explore and purchase NFT-based land, animals, items, and various in-game assets.

The foundational asset in My Neighbor Alice is LAND. The game contains approximately 100,000 units of land distributed across six distinct islands: Snowflake Island, Medieval Plains, Lummestad (the town), Nature’s Rest, Sandy Coast, and Submerged Islands. These diverse locations provide players with various settings for their virtual experiences.

The ALICE token plays a central role in the My Neighbor Alice ecosystem. It allows token holders to participate actively in the in-game economy. With ALICE, players can acquire game items, earn staking rewards, engage in governance processes, and partake in the platform’s play-to-earn reward system. Notably, Binance, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, supports the ALICE token. Therefore, it offers users accessibility and liquidity for their in-game assets. Overall, My Neighbor Alice provides a vibrant multiplayer gaming experience with a thriving in-game economy by utilizing blockchain technology and NFTs.


eTukTuk is a pioneering cryptocurrency project that promotes sustainability by building electric vehicle (EV) charging stations and introducing zero-emission vehicles in developing countries like Sri Lanka. Operating on the Cardano blockchain, eTukTuk plans to revolutionize the transportation sector by leveraging blockchain technology. The project introduces a play-to-earn game, offering staking rewards and enabling crypto payments for TukTuk drivers.

eTukTuk: Contending for the Best Crypto Game in 2024

The play-to-earn game envisioned by eTukTuk is designed to resemble the popular game “Crazy Taxi.” It allows players to navigate its electric vehicle through the streets of Sri Lanka. They can pick up customers along the way. The faster players drive in the game, the more $TUK tokens they can earn. This innovative approach serves as a means of entertainment and a promotional tool for the upcoming EV charging stations. These stations and zero-emission vehicles will be a vital component of the project. They contribute to the overall goal of developing EV adoption among TukTuk drivers.

Additionally, eTukTuk plans to facilitate payments at the charging stations through an upcoming mobile app, where TukTuk drivers can use $TUK tokens. Local territory partners will play a crucial role in setting up and operating these charging stations, making the process more cost-effective. eTukTuk integrates sustainability, blockchain technology, and gamification to achieve a list of the best crypto games.

5th Scape

5th Scape ($5SCAPE) is a virtual reality ecosystem that introduces immersive gaming experiences to players. It incorporates VR headsets and chairs to enhance realism. The platform aims to create a hyper-realistic gaming environment by leveraging virtual reality technology. In its token presale phase, 5th Scape offers a range of games, starting with ‘Cage Conquest,’ which is an immersive mixed martial arts (MMA) experience featuring online competitions and intense training sessions. Future additions to the ecosystem include soccer and cricket-themed games, with a planned rollout throughout 2024.

The 5th Scape: Popular Crypto Game

Utilizing the Ethereum blockchain, $5SCAPE provides seamless integration with other Ethereum-based tokens and smart contracts. The token is a gateway to access basic versions of upcoming VR games on 5th Scape. Token holders benefit from privileges like access to educational content, premium VR modes, and discounts on 5th Scape products and experiences. With a total supply of 5.21 billion, 80% is distributed through the ongoing presale rounds, with additional allocations for treasury, development, and liquidity.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is another popular crypto game that is in the year 2620. It provides players with an expansive metaverse to explore, embark on quests, join factions, and build fortunes in space. Star Atlas is developed on the Solana blockchain and utilizes Unreal Engine 5. The game offers a massively multiplayer online play-to-earn (P2E) strategy game. Players engage in activities such as resource mining, trading on the Star Atlas marketplace, and establishing unique societies, with opportunities to explore and conquer alien lands.

Star Atlas: Is it the Best Crypto Game?

Star Atlas operates on a dual token economy, featuring the native ATLAS token for in-game utility purposes within the Star Atlas metaverse. Players can utilize ATLAS in the Star Atlas marketplace. Additionally, a secondary token called POLIS serves as a governance token. Holders of POLIS have the opportunity to participate in governance decisions through the Star Atlas DAO voting system.

The Solana blockchain, which Star Atlas operates, is known for its speed, security, and efficiency. These features make it well-suited for delivering a high-quality, interactive plat yo earn game to a mass market audience.

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained is a free P2E trading card game that grants players full ownership of their in-game assets. This feature makes it a notable title in the P2E genre. Players collect cards, build decks, and have the option to trade or sell their cards to other players. The in-game economy revolves around the Gods Unchained Coin ($GODS), a governance and utility token. With $GODS, players can pitch governance proposals, purchase in-game assets, or acquire expansion packs.

Gods Unchained: One of the Best Crypto Games

The limited supply of $GODS, capped at 500 million tokens, adds value to the token, and players can earn $GODS through gameplay, staking rewards, or selling their cards. The tokens earned have real-world value and can be transferred or converted into fiat currency.

To play Gods Unchained, players can use or not use a crypto wallet, catering to both blockchain enthusiasts and those less familiar with the technology. However, having a crypto wallet allows players to maximize the benefits of their cards (NFTs) and earn $GODS tokens as rewards. The game was developed on the Ethereum platform and was founded in 2018 by James and Robbie Ferguson. It is accessible on computers (Windows or Mac), with plans for future development on Android devices. Gods Unchained stands out in blockchain gaming by allowing players to own their in-game assets through NFTs.


Splinterlands is a prominent play-to-earn (P2E) trading card game that empowers gamers to seamlessly play, trade, and earn rewards. Utilizing blockchain technology, Splinterlands allows players to earn rewards through various avenues, including tournaments, ranked play, and quests, regardless of skill level or collection size. The rewards can range from collectible cards to Dark Energy Crystals, a tradable digital currency. With nearly $7 million in tournament prizes awarded to date, the game provides players with a dynamic and inclusive environment.

Splinterlands: Is it Among the Best Crypto Games?

The blockchain integration allows players to sell their cards on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea and Monster Market, convert cards into cryptocurrency, or even rent them out to other players. Splinterlands also enables users to use cryptocurrency for in-game asset purchases and offers the chance to earn HIVE crypto tokens by participating in the SplinterTalk community. Additionally, the game is cross-compatible with Ethereum and WAX for those well-versed in the broader crypto ecosystem.

As a blockchain-based collectible card game, Splinterlands allows players to collect and battle digital monsters represented as unique NFT cards. These cards possess distinct abilities and attributes, creating a strategic element in battles. Players can earn crypto tokens by engaging in battles and tournaments. DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) is the main in-game transactional currency.

The game also introduces another token, SPS (Splinterlands Governance Token). It empowers community members to participate in the game’s governance and earn rewards for their contributions. Holders of SPS tokens can vote on proposals related to the game’s development, providing a decentralized decision-making process. 

The Best Crypto Games in 2024 Infographic

The Best Crypto Games in 2024 Infographic


In conclusion, the landscape of crypto gaming in 2024 is vibrant and dynamic. It showcases many innovative projects that leverage blockchain technology to redefine the gaming experience. From popular crypto games like Axie Infinity and Gods Unchained to up-and-coming ones like Star Atlas and Illuvium, each game brings unique features, play-to-earn opportunities, and engaging narratives to the forefront.

The concept of play to earn games (P2E) has ushered in a transformative economic paradigm where players can turn their in-game efforts into tangible real-world value. It fosters a self-sustaining economic ecosystem within these virtual worlds. These popular crypto games represent digital assets and potentially reshape the landscape of Web3 gaming. They create new economic avenues and foster community involvement through decentralized governance mechanisms. As the crypto gaming sector continues to evolve, understanding how the best crypto games work is highly beneficial for enthusiasts, investors, and traders.

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