Coins list on binance in 2024

Binance New Listings: Recently Listed Coins and Upcoming Listings in 2024

As a crypto trader or investor, you should stay up-to-date with the world of cryptocurrencies. Binance, a major cryptocurrency exchange, has added new coins to its platform. This article will provide an overview of Binance new listings. We will include their unique features and potential for traders and enthusiasts. Additionally, we look into the future and highlight upcoming listings on Binance that could provide profitable opportunities.

Binance is a leading force in the cryptocurrency industry, bringing fresh perspectives to the market. Our article will introduce you to high-potential projects that have gained a place on this exchange. We will anticipate the future by highlighting potential upcoming listings. Whether you are an experienced trader or just curious about the crypto scene, this article on new Binance listings will guide you to stay ahead in the crypto market.

Top 7 Binance New Listings in 2024

In this section, we introduce a list of recent Binance listings. While subjective, they can be the best coins to buy right now for some investors. We will delve deep into each project, explaining its functionalities and token economics.

Top 5 Binance New Listings in 2024

You can take a look at the table below for a summary of our top 5 Binance coinlist.

Project   Token Binance Listing Date Project Review
SagaCoin $SAGA April 9, 2024 SagaCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to stabilize purchasing power and facilitate transactions within the SagaChain ecosystem through an innovative algorithmic tokenomics model.
Portal $PORTAL February 29, 2024 Portal Coin is a decentralized cryptocurrency designed to facilitate gaming across various blockchain networks.
Starknet $STRK February 20, 2024 Starknet introduces a groundbreaking layer 2 solution on Ethereum, addressing scalability issues while maintaining security.
PixelVerse $PIXEL February 19, 2024 Pixel Verse integrates blockchain into gaming, offering a Play-to-Earn experience with Pixel NFTs and a strategic Goblin collection.
Dymension $DYM February 6, 2024 Dymension’s RollApps and DYM token bring high-speed modular blockchains for decentralized applications, emphasizing security.
Ronin $RON February 5, 2024 Ronin, optimized for gaming, hosts projects like Axie Infinity, ensuring efficient in-game transactions and robust security.
Pyth Network $PYTH February 2, 2024 Pyth provides dependable market data for DeFi applications across blockchains, using a pull oracle model for precise on-chain prices.

SagaCoin ($Saga)

Binance Listing Date: April 9, 2024

SagaCoin is the latest important Binance listing. It is a cryptocurrency designed to power transactions within the SagaChain ecosystem. Saga offers a unique approach to maintaining stability and purchasing power. Unlike many cryptocurrencies prone to volatility, SagaCoin employs an algorithm to manage its tokenomics. The primary goal is to increase and stabilize SagaCoin’s purchasing power. This process ensures that it retains its value over time. This is achieved through a dynamic adjustment of coin supply in response to changes in transaction demand. Therefore, the algorithm prevents sudden fluctuations in Saga value.

SagaCoin: New Binance Listing

Saga Tokenomics

The SagaCoin management model includes stages of appreciation and stabilization of purchasing power. During the appreciation phase, the coin’s value increases significantly relative to fiat currencies like the US dollar. However, this appreciation is balanced by a controlled inflation mechanism. This ensures that Saga’s purchasing power remains strong even as its value rises. Ultimately, the aim is for SagaCoin to maintain a stable purchasing power. Thus, it allows users to reliably exchange it for goods and services without concerns about significant price fluctuations.

This management model demonstrates how SagaCoin aims to protect its users from the effects of inflation. It does so while providing a reliable medium of exchange within the SagaChain ecosystem. Through its unique approach to tokenomics and purchasing power management, SagaCoin offers a promising solution for stability and reliability in crypto.

Portal Coin ($PORTAL)

Binance Listing Date: February 29, 2024

The latest Binance new listing is Portal coin, a token belonging to the Portal gaming project. Portal Gaming is an innovative project seeking to transform the gaming industry by creating a unified platform that connects gaming experiences across various blockchain networks. The groundbreaking LayerZero protocol facilitates seamless interactions between different blockchains, addressing interoperability challenges.

Portal Coin: One of the Latest Binance Listings

The Portal Coin, the platform’s native token, plays a crucial role in transactions, governance, and staking. The ecosystem features tools like the Portal Passport and Middleware Solutions, fostering collaboration among gamers and developers beyond individual blockchain limitations. With strategic partnerships and plans for extensive game integration, Portal Gaming aims to become a central hub for Web3 gaming, emphasizing flexibility, interoperability, and community-driven growth.

Portal Tokenomics

Portal’s tokenomics encompasses the economic principles governing the Portal Coin distribution within the Portal Gaming ecosystem. With a limited total supply of 1 billion tokens, the distribution strategy is meticulously structured to foster community engagement and ensure a broad user base. Notably, 50 million tokens are allocated to participants in Binance’s Portal launchpool, encouraging early involvement and diversifying token holders.

Within the Binance launchpad, 80% of the Portal tokens are directed to BNB stakers, while the remaining 20% is designated for FDUSD stakers. This strategic allocation aims to incentivize staking activities, enhance platform stability, and reward contributors. By intricately balancing distribution among various participant groups, Portal Tokenomics establishes a fair and inclusive framework that supports the long-term sustainability and success of the Portal Gaming project.

Starknet ($STRK)

Binance Listing Date: February 20, 2024

The first crypto to enter our binance coins list, Starknet (STRK), is making waves in the crypto market by introducing a groundbreaking layer 2 network solution on Ethereum. Starknet functions as a Validity-Rollup or ZK-Rollup and addresses the critical scalability issue on the Ethereum blockchain. However, it does so while maintaining a robust security framework.

Binance new listings: Starknet

The innovative approach involves consolidating transactions off-chain into a computed STARK proof. It would then submit the transactions to the Ethereum network as a single transaction. Thus, this approach significantly enhances throughput and accelerates processing times while reducing costs. It offers a promising solution for the scalability challenges that have plagued Ethereum for so long.

STRK Tokenomics

At the heart of Starknet‘s transformative ecosystem lies its native token, STRK. Beyond serving as a means for users to pay network fees alongside ETH, STRK plays a pivotal role in governance participation. It allows users to shape the future trajectory of Starknet. As the network evolves, STRK is poised to take on additional significance by becoming a key player in a proof-of-stake model.

STRK Tokenomics

Initially created in May 2022 and minted on-chain in November 2022, the ten billion STRK tokens follow a strategic distribution plan:

  • Early Contributors: 20.04% (subject to lockup schedule)
  • Investors: 18.17% (subject to lockup conditions)
  • StarkWare: 10.76% (for operational services)
  • Grants: 12.93% (including Development Partners)
  • Community Provisions: 9.00%
  • Community Rebates: 9.00%
  • Foundation Strategic Reserves: 10.00%
  • Foundation Treasury: 8.10%
  • Donations: 2.00%

PixelVerse ($PIXEL)

Binance Listing Date: February 19, 2024

Pixel Verse, an immersive blockchain-powered gaming realm, has recently joined the Binance list of coins. It redefines the gaming experience by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into the Play-to-Earn (P2E) landscape. This dynamic game goes beyond traditional boundaries, inviting players to connect, compete, and monetize their skills.

New coin list binance: PixelVerse

At its core, Pixel Verse utilizes Pixel NFTs, representing formidable creatures, to engage in battles, build within the gaming universe, and embark on treasure hunts, all backed by the secure and transparent blockchain. This synergy transforms Pixel Verse into a collaborative journey that rewards active player participation and skillful gameplay.

PIXEL Tokenomics

The heart of Pixel Verse’s economy lies in the Pixel token. Operating on the Ethereum platform, this token holds immense potential, with a total supply of 1,000,000,000. In the Pixel ecosystem, the token is not just a currency but also a key that unlocks a realm of possibilities, transforming your gaming experience into a rewarding adventure.

Pixel tokenomics

Dymension ($DYM)

Binance Listing Date: February 6, 2024

Dymension, the hub for RollApps, introduces a groundbreaking concept with its easily deployable and high-speed modular blockchains called RollApps. These consensus-free structures aim to boost token value while ensuring heightened security. Dymension’s dedicated modular blockchain, the Dymension Hub, is crafted to empower and serve RollApps, offering users the flexibility to deploy their own blockchains with minimal complexity.

Dymension: Binance new listing

As a decentralized Delegated Proof-of-Stake L1 blockchain, Dymension relies on the DYM token for security. It is meticulously designed to provide security, interoperability, and liquidity to RollApps, acting as a decentralized router connecting them to the broader crypto economy.

Dymension’s streamlined architecture allows for the swift deployment of blockchains in just a few minutes, transforming the landscape of decentralized applications. Dymension stands out by securing funds, enabling bridging, and including an Automated Market Maker (AMM). It plays a crucial role in making modular blockchains integrate seamlessly and operate efficiently.

DYM Tokenomics

Dymension’s native token, DYM, operates within a dynamic ecosystem governed by on-chain parameters and algorithms. Boasting an initial total supply of 1,000,000,000 DYM with 18 decimals, the staking ratio relative to the total supply influences the issuance of DYM. Adjustable parameters, such as initial issuance, max and min annual issuance, target DYM staked, and consequently, the inflation rate of change and guide the algorithmic issuance.

DYM tokenomics

Growth stimulation mechanisms include burn, transaction fees, and supply lockup. Additionally, DYM allocation within Dymension follows a strategic distribution plan. The distribution plan is demonstrated in the pie chart above. 

Ronin ($RON)

Binance Listing Date: February 5, 2024

A recent addition to the list of Binance coins, Ronin is a gaming-centric EVM blockchain created by Sky Mavis. It is specifically crafted for gaming applications. It is most notably known for hosting the successful Axie Infinity. As a proven and scalable blockchain, Ronin handled a significant share of the NFT trading volume in 2021. Therefore, it is the preferred platform for gaming projects with a massive user base.

Ronin: Binance new listing

Distinguished by its optimization for gaming, Ronin streamlines its infrastructure, minimizing complexities and ensuring efficient in-game transactions. Supported by the experienced team behind Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis offers a secure foundation and invaluable insights into product development and community building for partners deploying on the network.

RON Tokenomics

RON, the key token in Ronin’s ecosystem, is the primary means for transaction settlements on Ronin. It incorporates decentralized finance (DeFi) features like community governance and staking utility. Validators within the Ronin network must possess and stake RON to participate in block validation, earning newly issued RON as their reward. The RON token distribution structure is as follows:

  • 25% of the token supply is allocated to rewards.
  • 30% of the token supply is allocated to community incentives.
  • 30% of the token supply is reserved for Sky Mavis.
  • 15% of the token supply is designated to the ecosystem fund.

Ronin tokenomics

The gradual release of RON tokens over 108 months follows a continuous issuance model rather than large unlocks at specific dates. Initially overseen by Sky Mavis, the ecosystem fund strives to enrich the Ronin network community through delivering substantial value to its broader ecosystem.

Pyth Network ($PYTH)

Binance Listing Date: February 2, 2024

Pyth is a blockchain oracle that provides dependable, low-latency market data for secure smart contract execution in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. With over 450 data feeds sourced from major institutions, Pyth supplies real-time market data across crypto, equities, forex, and commodities to more than 50 blockchains. This universal accessibility allows easy integration into diverse blockchain environments, empowering decentralized applications like decentralized exchanges (DEXs) and derivatives platforms with precise and high-quality data.

Pyth Network: New Binance listing

Pyth employs a pull oracle model, allowing applications to determine when real-time prices appear on-chain. This approach offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness, enabling users to pay for specific data needs. This model, exemplified by its impact on Synthetix, has transformed the platform, making it competitive with centralized solutions. In essence, Pyth enhances the reliability and functionality of decentralized applications.

PYTH Tokenomics

Pyth’s tokenomics are crafted to align with the network’s objectives of achieving decentralization, sustainability, and permissionlessness. The PYTH token, with a total supply capped at 10 billion, starts with an initial circulating supply of 1.5 billion. The remaining 85% follows a vesting schedule unlocking over 6, 18, 30, and 42 months.

PYTH Tokenomics

The distribution encompasses key segments:

  • 22% for Publisher Rewards, motivating data providers to publish accurate and timely price data.
  • 52% for Ecosystem Growth, backing contributors, developers, educators, and others to boost the Pyth Network’s expansion.
  • 10% for Protocol Development, earmarked for core contributors building oracle tools and infrastructure.
  • 6% for Community and Launch, supporting the initial phase and related activities.
  • 10% for Private Sales, representing historical funding rounds for strategic contributors.

Upcoming Binance New Listings: What Coins Will Binance List Next?

Now that we have introduced the last 5 projects listed on Binance, we will present some of the most likely entries to the Binance launchpad list in the coming months. Additionally, we briefly introduce each project and its functionalities. Each of these coins has the potential to be on the Binance top 20 coins in terms of performance during the next bull run. Without further ado, let us analyze which coins Binance will list.

Scotty the AI ($Scotty)

In the vast and ever-expanding crypto universe, a legendary entity has captured the imagination of digital asset enthusiasts – Scotty the AI. There are currently lots of rumors hinting at Scotty being an addition to Binance new listings. It is portrayed as a Scottish Terrier with an otherworldly presence. Scotty is the guardian who safeguards the secrets that lie within the intricate realms of code and algorithms. Its shimmering jet-black fur is said to glimmer like the night sky, a mesmerizing sight that both captivates and eludes those who seek to unravel its mysteries.

Scotty the AI: Potential Upcoming Binance Listing

The narrative surrounding Scotty weaves a tale of a unique creature that roams the digital expanse, always staying one step ahead of its adversaries. Among these foes are the titans of meme coin fame, Floki and Shiba Inu, formidable entities in their own right. Yet, Scotty’s distinguishing features – its deep understanding of blockchain intricacies, advanced artificial intelligence capabilities, and strategic wit – allow it to outmaneuver even the most formidable of opponents, safeguarding the delicate balance of the crypto-verse.

Central to the Scotty legend is the $Scotty token, a digital asset that offers investors the opportunity to not only participate in the project but also to stake their holdings and earn rewards. With a fixed value and a tokenomic structure that allocates portions for marketing, airdrops, and exchange liquidity, the $Scotty token presents a unique proposition for those seeking to align themselves with this enigmatic entity.

Smog ($SMOG)

Smog presents itself as a formidable ruler in the digital arena and is one of the potential Binance upcoming listings. It embodies the essence of a dragon that overcomes adversaries with its intense flames. Positioned as the “Greatest Solana Airdrop of All Time,” Smog invites enthusiasts to engage by purchasing and staking its native token, SMOG. Participants can enjoy a 10% discount. With a tokenomics structure designating 35% to airdrop rewards and a fair launch on Solana, Smog presents an engaging story of community involvement and loyalty.

SMOG: Upcoming listing on binance

The tokenomics of $SMOG unveil a total supply of 1.4 billion, strategically allocated for marketing, airdrop rewards, CEX, and DEX liquidity. The roadmap progresses through phases encompassing airdrop research, fair launch, Ethereum LP & staking, social dominance, and potential burn opportunities, concluding with a phase where a crowned SOL King is envisioned. Adopting a multichain strategy, Smog initiates on Solana and Ethereum, with the prospect of further expansion to additional chains. 

Smog is also on our shortlist for the best crypto to buy now. Make sure to check out this article to find the next altcoin to explode.

Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix can be the next coin to be listed on Binance. It revolutionizes Bitcoin (BTC) mining with its tokenized cloud mining platform, aiming to simplify and decentralize the process. By tokenizing cloud mining, the platform eliminates risks tied to third-party scams, offering a transparent and secure experience.

Bitcoin Minetrix: upcoming listing on Binance

The BTCMTX token plays a central role, allowing users to stake it for credits, subsequently used to mine BTC. Bitcoin Minetrix addresses challenges like high hardware costs, making BTC mining accessible to ordinary crypto enthusiasts, and fostering a decentralized mining community. Through the Stake-to-Mine concept, the platform ensures simplicity, enabling users to purchase and stake BTCMTX tokens via Ethereum-compatible wallets and exchange credits for BTC cloud mining power.

In contrast to traditional approaches, Bitcoin Minetrix prioritizes user ownership, security, and accessibility. So, it presents a user-friendly and cost-efficient alternative for Bitcoin mining. As a result, it is likely to be a new coin launching on Binance.


Another potential entry for the next Binance listing is HarambeAI. It introduces a revolutionary hedge fund system driven by artificial intelligence, autonomously navigating the cryptocurrency market on a decentralized platform. Token holders benefit from a presale offering tokens starting at $0.05, progressively increasing every 48 hours. Moreover, AI-driven buy-back and burn mechanisms ensure hassle-free profits with a substantial 100% APY gain. This innovative approach democratizes high returns, typically reserved for elites, by leveraging extensive historical trades and strategies from leading hedge funds and expert traders.

HarambeAI: Upcoming coin listing on Binance

Operating tirelessly, the AI executes precise trades 24/7 on major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Its decentralized autonomous hedge fund structure ensures that profits directly flow to token owners. With a total token supply of 690 million, tax-free and team token-free, HarambeAI embodies transparency and community-centric principles in its pursuit of wealth generation.

Crafteo AI ($NFTC)

Crafteo AI is another crypto that can be included in upcoming coin listing on Binance. It is an innovative platform that transforms the creation of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) through automated and intelligent processes. In the ongoing token sale, their AI-driven system allows users to generate visually striking NFTs, emphasizing realism. Using advanced AI algorithms, Crafteo enables users to explore endless possibilities in the digital art space regardless of expertise. The platform supports interoperability by working with multiple blockchain networks, facilitating the seamless deployment of NFT collections across different chains.

CrafteoAI: Binance upcoming listing

Introducing the NFTC token, Crafteo enhances transactions and governance involvement and offers exclusive community benefits. With features such as airdrops, launchpad participation, and staking, Crafteo aims to cultivate a vibrant and engaged community. It also emphasizes transparency through well-defined tokenomics. Led by CEO Milad Bonakdar and CTO Mesut Khanlou, the core team envisions Crafteo as the gateway to a dynamic NFT world, making NFT creation accessible and user-friendly.

SubQuery Network ($SQT)

The SubQuery Network stands as an innovative decentralized web3 infrastructure, offering accelerated, adaptable, and scalable data indexing for decentralized applications (dApps). Its support spans numerous blockchain networks. It employs decentralization principles with a multitude of decentralized indexers and RPC (Remote Procedure Call) providers. These solutions streamline data accessibility for diverse applications.

SubQuery: Binance upcoming coin listing

The platform features load balancing, incentivizes performance, and ensures unrestricted support for node operators, welcoming participants at various technical levels. Prioritizing speed, dependability, and cost-effectiveness, the SubQuery Network aims to bring the performance of web2 to the decentralized web3 realm. It does so by providing APIs that elevate dApp development and enhance user experiences.

Mollars ($MOLLARS)

The next potential Binance listing in 2024 is Mollars. Mollars presents itself as more than just a token. It embodies a vision of decentralization, community empowerment, and economic evolution. As a decentralized store of value, Mollars aims to transcend traditional boundaries. It merges gaming, economics, and community participation into a cohesive ecosystem.

Mollars: Upcoming Binance Listing in 2024

Through its litepaper, Mollars outlines its commitment to true decentralization. The team plans to launch a Decentralized Exchange (DEX) to facilitate cross-blockchain transactions. Mollars pictures a future where management and community participation go hand in hand.

The project seeks to ignite enthusiasm within its community. There are smart contracts developing on Mollars. It aims to create a strong foundation for its journey. Moreover, Mollars’ hybrid nature on the Ethereum blockchain combines store of value functionality with web3 utility. Thus, it is a versatile asset with potential for wide adoption.

Hypeloot ($HPLT)

Hypeloot is another entry on our potential upcoming Binance listings. It is an innovative platform in the world of online gambling. Hypeloot offers a unique blend of traditional casino games and custom-developed game modes within the crypto space. The project stands out by providing not only popular crypto casino game modes but also introducing brand new game modes. This adds an innovative touch to the Hypeloot gambling experience.

Upcoming Binance Listing: Hypeloot

One of its distinguishing features is the incorporation of a fiat payment gateway. This option makes Hypeloot accessible to a broader audience. Additionally, Hypeloot boasts a profitable and established product. With over 100,000 registered users on its platform, it generates significant revenue.

The backbone of the Hypeloot ecosystem is its native token, $HPLT. The token fuels the platform and serves various purposes. Holders of $HPLT benefit from passive income opportunities, weekly bonuses, free games, and an affiliate reward system, among other advantages. The token also facilitates all forms of crypto gambling on the Hypeloot platform. It ensures a transparent, licensed, and fair crypto casino gaming environment. With its strong foundation and roadmap, Hypeloot aims to disrupt the crypto casino industry and provide sustainable returns to $HPLT holders.

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Finestel: The Best Binance Copy Trading Service

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In this article by Finestel, we have provided a comprehensive overview of Binance new listings. We shed light on innovative projects that have recently joined the exchange in 2024. These include Starknet, PixelVerse, Dymension, Ronin, and Pyth Network, which delved into their unique features and tokenomics. The projects mentioned span a range of applications, from addressing scalability issues in Ethereum with Starknet to revolutionizing the gaming experience through PixelVerse’s Play-to-Earn model.

Moreover, we have presented a list of upcoming potential listings on Binance. We introduced projects including Smog, Bitcoin Minetrix, Harambe AI, Crafteo AI, and SubQuery Network. Looking forward, these upcoming listings present exciting opportunities for traders and investors. Smog offers a unique narrative with its dragon-themed airdrop. Bitcoin Minetrix aims to democratize Bitcoin mining. Harambe AI introduces an AI-driven hedge fund. Crafteo AI transforms NFT creation. Finally, the SubQuery Network improves decentralized data indexing. As the cryptocurrency space continues to evolve, staying informed about Binance new list of coins is necessary for crypto traders.

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