Binance rebalancing bot review

Binance Rebalancing Bot Review 2024: A Trader’s Guide to Optimized Portfolios

Maintaining a well-diversified cryptocurrency portfolio is crucial for managing risk and aligning investments with long-term objectives. However, manually rebalancing holdings to restore target asset allocations can be a tedious and time-consuming process, especially in volatile markets. Binance Rebalancing Bot offers a seamless solution, enabling users to automate this essential task effortlessly.

This article by Finestel provides a comprehensive overview of Binance’s Rebalancing Bot, Furthermore, the article discusses the minimum investment requirements, fees and pricing, potential benefits of using the Rebalancing Bot, as well as risks and limitations to be aware of.

What is Binance’s Rebalancing Bot?

Binance’s Rebalancing Bot is a new tool that enables users to automatically adjust their cryptocurrency portfolios to maintain a desired asset allocation. It helps manage risk, align with investment objectives, and potentially increase returns by selling overvalued assets and buying undervalued ones.

What is Binance's Rebalancing Bot?

Intelligent Asset Allocation Maintenance

At its core, the Rebalancing Bot continuously monitors the user’s portfolio and dynamically adjusts the weightings of different cryptocurrencies. It achieves this by systematically selling assets that have become overvalued relative to the target allocation, and reinvesting the proceeds into undervalued assets.

This disciplined approach to portfolio rebalancing helps mitigate the risks of overexposure to any single asset and ensures that the portfolio remains aligned with the user’s predetermined investment strategy.

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Potential for Enhanced Returns

While diversification is a fundamental principle of risk management, the Rebalancing Bot takes it a step further by capitalizing on market cycles and volatility. By consistently selling assets that have appreciated and reinvesting in those that have declined, the bot effectively implements a contrarian “buy low, sell high” strategy.

This systematic approach to rebalancing has historically demonstrated the potential to enhance overall portfolio returns over time, as it allows investors to benefit from the mean reversion tendencies of asset prices.

Customizable and Automated

The Rebalancing Bot offers a high degree of customization, allowing users to tailor the rebalancing parameters to their specific needs. Users can select the cryptocurrencies to include in their portfolio, set target allocation percentages, and choose the rebalancing triggers – whether based on predefined time intervals or deviations from target asset ratios.

Once configured, the bot operates autonomously, executing trades and rebalancing the portfolio without the need for manual intervention. This automation not only saves time and effort but also removes the potential for emotional biases to influence investment decisions, a common pitfall for even the most experienced traders.

Risk Management and Diversification

By maintaining a diversified portfolio aligned with the user’s risk profile, the Rebalancing Bot serves as a powerful risk management tool. It helps mitigate the impact of market volatility and protects against the potential for outsized losses from overexposure to any single asset.

Moreover, the bot’s ability to dynamically adjust asset allocations ensures that the portfolio remains diversified over time, even as market conditions and asset valuations evolve. This proactive approach to diversification can be particularly valuable in the rapidly evolving and often unpredictable cryptocurrency markets. In summary, Binance’s Rebalancing Bot is a sophisticated yet user-friendly tool that empowers investors to maintain a disciplined and diversified approach to cryptocurrency portfolio management.

By automating the rebalancing process and leveraging market cycles, it offers the potential for enhanced returns while aligning with the user’s investment objectives and risk tolerance. 

The Need for Rebalancing

Managing a diversified crypto portfolio can be challenging, especially for newcomers to digital finance. Rebalancing involves adjusting the holdings in a portfolio to maintain the desired asset allocation.

portfolio rebalancing

This means buying or selling certain assets to ensure the portfolio has a specific mix of tokens based on an investor’s risk tolerance and goals. Rebalancing is essential when the cryptocurrency market experiences volatility, and the relative value of certain cryptocurrencies in the portfolio changes. For example, if the value of Bitcoin increases significantly, it may cause the portfolio to be overweight in BTC and underweight in other cryptocurrencies.

Rebalancing the portfolio involves selling some Bitcoin and buying other cryptocurrencies to restore the desired allocation.

Who Is It for?

Binance’s Rebalancing Bot is suitable for the following types of users:

  1. Cryptocurrency investors looking to maintain a diversified portfolio
    The Rebalancing Bot allows users to automatically adjust their cryptocurrency holdings to maintain a desired asset allocation across different coins. This helps manage risk by ensuring the portfolio is not overly concentrated in one cryptocurrency.
  2. Users who want to optimize their portfolio for risk and return
    Regular rebalancing can potentially increase returns by selling overvalued assets and buying undervalued ones. The bot makes this process effortless, ensuring the portfolio stays optimized based on the user’s investment strategy and objectives.
  3. Traders who approach investing systematically
    The Rebalancing Bot enables users to rebalance their portfolios regularly and with careful consideration of market conditions, which is beneficial for systematic traders.
  4. Experienced cryptocurrency traders
    While the Rebalancing Bot simplifies portfolio rebalancing, users should still have some knowledge of cryptocurrency trading concepts like asset allocation, risk management, and market dynamics to set up and monitor their strategies effectively.

In summary, Binance’s Rebalancing Bot caters to cryptocurrency investors and traders who want to maintain a diversified portfolio aligned with their investment goals while leveraging Binance’s platform and automation tools

How Binance’s Rebalancing Bot Works

Binance’s Rebalancing Bot provides users with a seamless way to adjust their portfolios automatically either at fixed intervals or when the coin ratio deviates from the set value. To access the Rebalancing Bot, users must create a Binance account and log in. Once logged in, they should head over to the strategy trading page and select Rebalancing Bot.

How Binance's Rebalancing Bot Works

Rebalancing Based on Coin Ratio

The Rebalancing Bot will automatically adjust the holdings in the token combination of the user’s choice. By buying low and selling high, the strategy can maintain the same ratio of asset values through rebalancing at preset intervals or thresholds.

Rebalancing based on coin ratio involves the bot rebalancing only when the change of any asset’s ratio exceeds the preset threshold, which can be set to 0.5%, 1%, 2%, or 5%.

Rebalancing Based on Time Interval

Rebalancing based on time involves the system checking whether a rebalancing is needed at fixed time intervals. Users can set the interval to 30 minutes, 1 hour, 4 hours, 8 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 3 days, 7 days, 14 days, or 28 days.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Setting Up Binance’s Rebalancing Bot

Based on the provided search results, here is a detailed step-by-step tutorial for setting up and using Binance’s Rebalancing Bot effectively:

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Setting Up Binance's Rebalancing Bot

Setting up the Rebalancing Bot

  1. Log in to your Binance account and navigate to the Trading Bots section by clicking on Trade > Trading Bots > Rebalancing Bot.
  2. Select the cryptocurrencies you want to include in your rebalancing portfolio by clicking Add Coins. You can choose up to 10 coins for each strategy.
  3. Set the rebalancing parameters:
    • Coin allocation: Specify the percentage of your portfolio you want to allocate to each coin.
    • Investment amount: Enter the total amount you want to invest in the portfolio.
    • Auto rebalance method: Choose whether you want to rebalance based on coin ratio or time interval.
  4. Configure rebalancing based on coin ratio (optional):
    • Set the threshold value to 0.5%, 1%, 2%, or 5%.
    • The bot will only rebalance when the change of any coin’s ratio exceeds this threshold.
  5. Configure rebalancing based on time interval (optional):
    • Select the time interval for rebalancing, e.g., 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1 day, 7 days, etc.
    • The system will check if rebalancing is needed at these fixed intervals.
  6. Set advanced options (optional):
    • Trigger price: Set a price level to trigger the bot.
    • Stop-loss price: Set a price to exit positions and limit losses.
    • Take-profit price: Set a price to exit positions and take profits.
  7. Review the parameters and click Create to set up the Rebalancing Bot.

Using the Rebalancing Bot Effectively

  1. Monitor your Rebalancing Bot orders and history by going to Orders > Trading Bots Order > Spot > Rebalancing Bot.
  2. Adjust your investment for a running strategy by clicking the edit icon under the Running tab.
  3. End a strategy by clicking the End button if you want to terminate it.
  4. Check your BNB fee history and enjoy a 25% discount on trading fees when paying with BNB under Orders > Rebalancing Bot > Fees Return History.
  5. Adjust coin allocation by clicking the View Details icon on the Rebalancing Bot trading page, then Change Coins.
  6. Add more funds to an existing bot by going to Running, expanding the bot details, and clicking Add Investment.
  7. Add or remove coins from an existing strategy by clicking the edit icon and then Add Coins or the X mark next to each coin.
  8. View the bot’s performance data over time by clicking the note icon at the bottom right of the bot details.

By following this tutorial, you can effectively set up and manage your Binance Rebalancing Bot to maintain your desired cryptocurrency portfolio allocation while taking advantage of the platform’s features and fee discounts.

Fees and Pricing

There is no additional cost for using Binance’s Rebalancing Bot. The key points regarding the fees are:

Fees and Pricing

  1. The Rebalancing Bot follows the standard spot trading fee rates on Binance. There are no extra or separate fees charged specifically for using the Rebalancing Bot.
  2. Users can enjoy a 25% discount on the standard trading fees if they choose to pay the fees with BNB (Binance’s native cryptocurrency).
  3. To get the 25% fee discount, users will first pay the standard trading fee from their Rebalancing Bot Wallet, and then receive the trading fee refunds/rebates in their Spot Wallet.
  4. Users can check their BNB fee history and rebates received under “Orders > Rebalancing Bot > Fees Return History” in their Binance account.
  5. Users must have a sufficient BNB balance in their Spot Wallet to cover the trading fees initially. Otherwise, they will not receive the 25% trading fee rebate.

So in summary, there is no additional or separate cost for using the Binance Rebalancing Bot itself. Users only pay the standard spot trading fees on Binance, with an option to get a 25% discount by paying those fees with BNB.

Minimum Investment to Use Binance’s Rebalancing Bot

There is a minimum investment requirement to use Binance’s Rebalancing Bot. Here are the key details:

  1. The minimum investment amount is determined by the minimum order size requirements for the cryptocurrencies included in the rebalancing portfolio.
  2. The minimum addable limit is calculated as: Minimum Order Size * 1.2 / Maximum Allocation Percentage.
  3. For example, if the minimum order size for a coin is 10 USDT and the maximum allocation is 50%, then the minimum addable limit would be: 10 * 1.2 / 0.5 = 24 USDT.
  4. The search results provide a specific example: If a user selects GAL and RDNT coins with 50% allocation each, 240 USDT investment amount, and 0.5% rebalancing threshold, the bot cannot rebalance because the order values are less than the minimum (10 USDT).
  5. To complete the rebalancing in this case, the user would need to increase the total investment amount or choose a higher rebalancing ratio.
  6. One source mentions that for the Rebalancing Bot to operate normally, the minimum investment per coin is 100 USDT. So for a 2-coin portfolio, the minimum total investment would be 200 USDT.

In summary, while Binance does not explicitly state a fixed minimum investment for the Rebalancing Bot, the minimum is dynamically calculated based on the minimum order sizes of the included cryptocurrencies and their allocation percentages. Users need to ensure their investment meets this threshold for the bot to function properly.

Benefits of Using Binance’s Rebalancing Bot

Cryptocurrency portfolio rebalancing is a necessary process to ensure that the portfolio is optimized for risk and return. Those who approach trading systematically would benefit from rebalancing regularly and with careful consideration of market conditions.

Binance’s Rebalancing Bot makes this process effortless and efficient, making it easier for users to manage their cryptocurrency portfolios

Additionally, Rebalancing Bot users can enjoy a 25% discount on standard trading fees whenever they choose to pay the fees with BNB. Overall, Binance’s Rebalancing Bot offers a convenient solution for those looking to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio with minimal effort while maintaining a diversified and optimized portfolio for risk and return.

Risks and Limitations

  1. Market Risk
    Like any investment strategy, the Rebalancing Bot is subject to market risk. There is no guarantee that the bot’s rebalancing approach will be profitable or outperform a buy-and-hold strategy, especially in volatile market conditions.
  2. Execution Risk
    The bot places orders at market prices, which may result in slippage (orders being filled at worse prices than expected) during periods of high volatility or low liquidity. This can lead to deviations from the desired asset allocation.
  3. Minimum Order Size Risk
    If the order value falls below the minimum order size for a particular cryptocurrency, the bot may be unable to rebalance the portfolio effectively, leading to the strategy deviating from the target allocation.
  4. Delisting Risk
    If a cryptocurrency in the rebalancing portfolio gets delisted from Binance, the bot strategy may be terminated or disrupted.
  5. Parameter Risk
    Improper setting of rebalancing parameters like thresholds, intervals, or asset allocations may lead to suboptimal performance or increased trading costs.
  6. Concentration Risk
    While the bot aims for diversification, users may still face concentration risk if they include too few assets or allocate heavily towards correlated assets.
  7. Fee Impact
    Trading fees, though discounted for BNB payments, can still accumulate and eat into potential profits, especially for strategies with frequent rebalancing.
  8. Technical Risks
    Like any trading bot, the Rebalancing Bot may be subject to technical issues, bugs, or system failures that could disrupt its operation.

It’s important to note that Binance explicitly states that any risks associated with the Rebalancing Bot strategies reside with the user, and the exchange is not responsible for any losses incurred. Proper risk management, including setting appropriate stop-losses, monitoring the bot’s performance, and understanding the limitations of the strategy, is crucial when using the Binance Rebalancing Bot or any automated trading tool.


As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, tools like Binance’s Rebalancing Bot are poised to become indispensable for investors seeking to navigate the complexities of digital asset management. With its user-friendly interface, customizable settings, and potential for cost savings through trading fee discounts, the Rebalancing Bot offers a compelling solution for both seasoned traders and newcomers alike.

However, it’s crucial to remember that while automation can streamline the rebalancing process, it does not eliminate the inherent risks associated with cryptocurrency investing. Proper risk management, thorough research, and a deep understanding of market dynamics remain essential for achieving long-term success in this dynamic and ever-changing landscape. Nonetheless, Binance’s Rebalancing Bot stands as a testament to the exchange’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to empowering users with cutting-edge tools for efficient portfolio management.

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