Tradingview Premium account review

TradingView Premium Account Review: Is It Worth It?

TradingView has emerged as a powerhouse among traders. It boasts over 30 million monthly active users and offers a wide range of charting analysis tools. TradingView‘s appeal lies in its user-friendly interface and collection of technical indicators. The platform provides a robust set of features for free users. Yet, TradingView also offers premium plans to meet the needs of more serious traders. In this Finestel article, we aim to provide a comprehensive TradingView premium review.

In our guide, we will compare TradingView’s free and premium offerings. We will explore the diverse functionalities available to users at different subscription levels. Moreover, we will examine the value proposition of TradingView Premium. We will weigh its benefits against the associated costs. Whether you are a novice trader or a seasoned one, this review aims to provide an insightful TradingView premium review.

TradingView Account Types

TradingView offers a range of subscription plans for different levels of traders. These different TradingView accounts are categorized into non-professional and professional tiers. Each plan offers varying levels of features and benefits.

TradingView Account Types

Non-professional TradingView account types are designed for personal use. They include Basic, Essential, Plus, and Premium tiers. These plans provide access to various features such as multiple charts per tab, customizable watchlists, technical alerts, volume profile indicators, and more. The pricing for non-professional plans ranges from $12.95 per month to $49.95 per month. Annual TradingView premium costs are also available at discounted rates.

Professional TradingView account types are for users who are involved in business activities related to trading and market data. These plans offer features such as extra alerts, data, multiple charts, and priority customer support. Professional plans are geared towards businesses or entities. Yet, they are also available for individual traders looking for advanced tools. Meanwhile, the Enterprise plan includes all top-tier features. It is ideal for companies seeking trading solutions. Of course, the professional TradingView account cost is much higher than that of the individual accounts.

Plan Price Charts per Tab Indicators per Chart Historical Bars Price Alerts Technical Alerts Parallel Chart Connections Volume Profile Custom Timeframes Custom Range Bars Multiple Watchlists Bar Replay Indicators on Indicators Intraday Charts Chart Data Export Auto Chart Patterns Second-based Alerts Alerts Expiry Publishing Invite-only Scripts Second-based Intervals Ability to Buy Professional Market Data Priority Support
Essential $14.95/month 2 5 10K 20 20 10 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes First Priority
Plus $29.95/month 4 10 10K 100 100 20 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes First Priority
Premium $59.95/month 8 25 20K 400 400 50 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes First Priority

TradingView Premium Features

As already mentioned, Tradingview offers one free plan and three paid ones. Here is a table that summarizes the features and pricing of these plans. The table will inform you of TradingView account premium features and compare it with other plans, so you can decide on subscribing to TradingView premium vs pro or essential. Note that there is no free premium TradingView account, so all the plans in the table below are paid ones.

TradingView Premium Benefits

While we have already mentioned several TradingView premium features, there are some more prominent than the others. In this section of our TradingView Premium review, we present the primary benefits of using the paid plan.

TradingView Premium Benefits

Increased Charting Capabilities

TradingView paid account subscribers can access a higher number of charts per tab. This allows for more comprehensive analysis across multiple instruments or timeframes. With up to 8 charts per tab, traders have greater flexibility in monitoring various market dynamics.

Enhanced Analysis Tools

TradingView premium account provides access to a greater number of indicators per chart. This enables traders to delve deeper into technical analysis. They can also customize their trading strategies with a wider array of indicators. Moreover, users of the premium TradingView account enjoy advanced charting features. These include intraday Renko, Kagi, Line Break, and Point & Figure charts. Make sure to check out our article about the best TradingView free indicators.

Expanded Alert System

Users of the premium account TradingView offers enjoy an increased allocation of price alerts and alerts. It helps them to stay updated on market developments and execute trades more effectively. With a higher number of alerts available, traders can monitor multiple instruments and trading setups. It aids them to never miss potential opportunities or important price levels.

Priority Support and Additional Features

Premium subscribers receive priority support from TradingView’s customer service. The support team provides quick assistance with any platform-related issues or inquiries. Moreover, Premium plans may include additional features such as advanced chart data export options, second-based intervals for alerts, and the ability to publish invite-only scripts. These extra features provide added value and flexibility for traders seeking a top trading platform.

TradingView Premium Review: What Reddit Users Think

If you are wondering “Is TradingView Premium worth it?”, reading TradingView premium Reddit reviews might provide an answer. Meanwhile, opinions vary among users on Reddit’s r/TradingView. Some traders advocate for upgrading to TradingView Premium account. Particularly, if they heavily rely on the platform for their trading activities. They find TradingView premium features valuable.

TradingView Premium Review

These features include chart windows, indicators, alerts, and custom layout. For these users, TradingView premium benefits outweigh the cost. This is particularly true during promotional periods like Black Friday sales when there are TradingView Premium discounts. So, consider subscribing to Tradingview premium cheaper during these dates.

Conversely, some users argue that sticking with the TradingView free version or trying TradingView premium account free alternatives is enough. Especially for those with straightforward trading strategies. They warn against over-complicating the trading setup with too many indicators and features. which could potentially lead to confusion and inefficiency. These traders emphasize the importance of keeping things simple and focusing on learning. Some also suggest searching “free premium account TradingView” on web browsers to access its features without paying.

Moreover, some users express dissatisfaction with TradingView premium. They state issues such as crashes, limited customization, and problems in reaching support. Some also report they got their TradingView account hacked. Despite the platform’s benefits, they feel that the drawbacks undermine its value. They believe the TradingView premium pricing structure is not fair.

These experiences highlight the importance of considering both the pros and cons before deciding whether paying the TradingView premium account price is worth the investment. Moreover, remember to read the TradingView privacy policy carefully before subscribing to any plan. This is essential if you want to be aware of TradingView premium cookies.

Can You Create a TradingView Premium Account for Free?

While there is no TradingView premium free account, there are some methods to access premium tradingview account free of charge. Of course, these ways are typically not ethical, as they involve using hacked TradingView accounts.

Yet, there might also be some trials and promotions occasionally that allow you to get free tradingview premium account for a limited period. Therefore, remember to use ethical and legal ways to create tradingview premium account free of charge.

How Can Finestel Complement TradingView?

While this is a TradingView premium review, we also introduce a top complementary tool for Finestel is a top trading solution provider. We offer a plethora of innovative tools and services aimed at addressing the diverse pain points faced by asset managers and traders. By analyzing Finestel’s key features, we understand how it can help TradingView account users, whether using a free or paid version.

Finestel's autotrading in TradingView

One of Finestel’s primary benefits is its ability to enhance client engagement, broaden the client base, and overcome geographic and regulatory barriers for asset managers. Through innovative solutions, Finestel lets its clients focus on trading and managing portfolios. Finestel will then handle other essential aspects required for achieving sustainable growth.

Moreover, Finestel offers transformative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to tackle challenges. Most of these challenges are related to technical expertise and high operational costs in asset management. By providing access to enterprise-grade technology, Finestel eliminates the need for asset managers to stay up-to-date with the latest technological trends. Thus, we help you reduce your operational costs and enhance efficiency.

Finestel’s Tradingview bots also enable seamless integration with the popular trading platform and auto trading in TradingView. Finestel’s auto trading in TradingView operates through a sophisticated integration with TradingView’s advanced strategies via webhooks API access. This integration empowers traders and portfolio managers to automate their trading activities based on signals generated from TradingView’s indicators or preselected strategies.

By leveraging this technology-driven system, traders can execute trades automatically according to predefined rules or algorithms, ranging from simple single-asset setups to complex AI-powered multi-asset platforms. This automation not only enhances trading efficiency but also reduces the impact of emotional decisions on trading actions, allowing traders to capitalize on real-time market opportunities with greater precision and discipline. We also offer a dedicated TradingView premium account Telegram alert bot.

Additionally, Finestel offers the best copy trading bot available. The copy trading bot allows traders to increase their AUM. Finestel’s white-label copy trading solution also provides customizable platforms for larger-scale asset management businesses. It allows them to create branded social copy trading platforms tailored to their unique needs. These features make Finestel a great complementary tool for TradingView users.

Visit this link for an in-depth look into Finestel’s offering.

TradingView Premium Account Infographic

radingView Premium Account Infographic


TradingView stands out as a powerful platform for traders. It offers a plethora of charting and analysis tools to suit various needs. With both free and premium subscription options, traders can access a wide range of features. TradingView Premium provides enhanced capabilities such as advanced charting options and analysis tools. Yet, some TradingView premium reviews by users suggest that you should carefully weigh the benefits against the associated costs. Additionally, while there are no ethical means to obtain a TradingView premium account for free, periodic trials and promotions may offer temporary access.

In the final part of our TradingView premium review, we introduced Finestel and its services. Finestel complements TradingView by offering innovative various solutions. These include Tradigview bots, copy trading, and white-label options. Our services enhance the overall trading experience for users. A complete understanding of available features and complementary solutions such as Finestel is crucial for optimizing trading strategies and achieving success.

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