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Kaitlyn & Eli Regalado Pastor Crypto Scam: Victorious Grace Church’s Untold Story!

Cryptocurrencies are often seen as a revolutionary and innovative way of creating and exchanging value in the digital world. However, they also pose significant risks and challenges, especially for investors who lack the necessary knowledge and expertise to navigate the complex and volatile market. Unfortunately, some unscrupulous actors have exploited this situation to defraud unsuspecting investors with fraudulent schemes and false claims.

One of the most notorious cases of cryptocurrency fraud in recent history involved Eli Regalado, an online pastor who used his religious authority and charisma to lure hundreds of investors into a fake coin project called INDXcoin. Regalado promised his followers that investing in INDXcoin would bring them financial prosperity and spiritual blessings, while in reality he and his wife pocketed millions of dollars for their expenses, including a lavish home remodel that he claimed: “the Lord told him to do”.

This pastor crypto scam review examines how Regalado executed his fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme, how he was eventually exposed, and key lessons that can help investors detect and prevent similar scams orchestrated under religious pretexts. Check out the project reviews on the Finestel blog and consider joining the Finestel Academy to access more in-depth analysis and insights.

Eli Regalado: A Pastor with a Prosperity Gospel

Eli Regalado was a former pastor at a Denver-based church who had built a large following on social media and online platforms. By reviewing his pastor’s crypto scam tactics, it is evident that he frequently delivered captivating sermons and teachings on spiritual wealth and abundance, appealing to many people who were seeking financial guidance and fulfillment.

Eli Regalado crypto scam

In 2022, Regalado announced that he had received divine inspiration to start a cryptocurrency project called INDXcoin. He claimed that INDXcoin was a pathway to financial freedom and spiritual enlightenment and that investing in it would align his followers with God’s will and bring them extraordinary returns.

Regalado used his religious influence and persuasive skills to attract investors, especially within his online community. He hosted webinars and online meetings where he painted a rosy picture of INDXcoin, emphasizing its potential for wealth creation and divine favors. He also created a website and social media accounts for the project, showcasing positive testimonials from alleged investors.

To further entice investors, Regalado employed emotional manipulation and fear of missing out (FOMO) tactics. He portrayed INDXcoin as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure financial prosperity and attain spiritual fulfillment. He instilled a sense of urgency, urging investors to act quickly before the opportunity vanished.

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Eli Regalado’s Church: Victorious Grace Church

Victorious Grace Church is a church founded by Eli Regalado, According to the church’s Facebook page, Victorious Grace is a church that teaches about spiritual wealth and abundance. The church also has a YouTube channel, where Regalado posts videos of his sermons and teachings.

However, the church’s legitimacy and credibility have been questioned after Regalado was charged with securities fraud for his involvement in the INDXcoin scam.

The INDXcoin scam is a clear example of how Regalado abused his faith and trust to deceive and manipulate his followers. He used his religious authority and charisma to lure them into a fraudulent scheme, exploiting their hopes and dreams for his own personal gain. He also violated the principles and values of Christianity, which condemn dishonesty, greed, and exploitation. Victorious Grace Church is therefore a church that is tainted by Regalado’s deception and abuse.

Who Is Kaitlyn Regalado?

Kaitlyn Regalado is the wife of Eli Regalado. According to the web search results, Kaitlyn Regalado was also involved in the fraudulent scheme, as she helped create, market, and sell the worthless token to unsuspecting investors. She and her husband allegedly used the funds for their personal expenses, such as a home remodel, a Range Rover, and luxury items. She is also associated with Victorious Grace Church, an online-only church founded by Eli Regalado. She and her husband are facing civil fraud charges for violating the Colorado Securities Act.

INDXcoin: A Worthless Token with No Use Case

Despite Regalado’s convincing efforts, INDXcoin was nothing but a scam. The token itself had no intrinsic value or tangible use case, and the project’s whitepaper was full of inconsistencies and unrealistic projections. Investors who raised concerns or questions were dismissed or reassured by Regalado, who continued to maintain the project’s legitimacy.

INDXcoin: A Worthless Token with No Use Case

Regalado also lied about the technology and security of INDXcoin, claiming that it had been audited by a reputable blockchain security company called Hacken. He added the Hacken logo to the INDXcoin website and social media accounts, implying that the project had been verified and endorsed by Hacken. However, Hacken later denied any involvement or association with INDXcoin, stating that Regalado had used their logo without their permission or knowledge.

Regalado also made false claims about the price and performance of INDXcoin, promising that it would increase exponentially and surpass other cryptocurrencies in the market. He sold INDXcoin through an online marketplace that he created and controlled, called Kingdom Wealth Exchange. He manipulated the price and volume of INDXcoin on the exchange, creating an illusion of high demand and profitability. He also prevented investors from withdrawing or selling their tokens, trapping them in the scam.

The Exposure and Confession of Regalado’s Scam

Regalado’s scam began to unravel in November 2023, when the Colorado Securities Commission filed a civil fraud lawsuit against him and his wife, Kaitlyn Regalado. The lawsuit alleged that the couple had raised over $3 million from more than 300 investors through the fraudulent INDXcoin project. The lawsuit also accused the couple of using investor funds for personal expenses, such as a luxury SUV, jewelry, cosmetic dentistry, and home renovations.

The revelation of the scam sent shockwaves through the community of investors, many of whom were devout Christians who had trusted Regalado’s religious authority. They suffered a devastating financial loss, as well as emotional trauma and a sense of betrayal. The scam also damaged the reputation of the cryptocurrency industry, raising doubts and concerns about the legitimacy and security of digital currencies.

In January 2024, Regalado made a surprising confession on video, admitting that he and his wife had pocketed $1.3 million from the investors and used it for personal expenses, including a home remodel that he claimed: “the Lord told him to do”. He also revealed that he had no experience with cryptocurrencies and that he sold INDXcoin with no clear exit strategy. He said he was sorry for his actions and asked for forgiveness from his followers and God.

Evaluating Red Flags in Pastor Cryptocurrency Scams

When conducting a pastor crypto scam or other crypto scams like Coscoin, MTFE AI trading and evaluation, some of the red flags and warning signs that investors should look out for include:

  • Claims of divine endorsement or assurance of spiritual rewards for investment
  • Use of religious authority, charisma, or manipulating spiritual emotions to attract investment
  • Lack of transparency about technology, security audits, project roadmap, etc.
  • Obscure whitepaper with technical inconsistencies and unrealistic projections
  • Restrictions on selling or withdrawing invested cryptocurrency

By being aware of these pastoral cryptocurrency scam indicators, investors can detect fraudulent schemes early and protect their assets.

Lessons Learned from Eli Regalado’s Scam

This pastor crypto scam review of Regalado’s fraudulent INDXcoin scheme serves as a stark reminder of the inherent risks and challenges associated with cryptocurrency investments, especially those promoted by individuals or organizations with religious affiliations.

Some of the red flags and warning signs that investors should look out for include:

  • Promises of unrealistic or guaranteed returns, such as doubling or tripling your money in a short period of time
  • Claims of divine inspiration or endorsement, such as saying that God told them to start or invest in a project
  • Use of emotional manipulation or FOMO tactics, such as saying that you will miss out on a great opportunity or that you will be blessed if you invest
  • Lack of transparency or accountability, such as not providing clear or consistent information about the project, its team, its technology, its security, or its roadmap
  • Lack of verifiability or credibility, such as not having any independent audits, reviews, or endorsements from reputable third parties or experts
  • Lack of liquidity or accessibility, such as not allowing investors to withdraw or sell their tokens, or requiring them to use a specific or obscure platform or exchange

Investors should also be aware of their rights and responsibilities, and seek legal advice or assistance if they suspect or encounter any fraud or misconduct. They should also report any suspicious or illegal activities to the relevant authorities, such as the securities regulators or the police.

Cryptocurrencies can offer many benefits and opportunities for innovation and value creation, but they also come with many risks and challenges. Investors should be vigilant and informed, and not let their faith or emotions cloud their judgment or decision-making. By doing so, they can protect themselves and their assets, and contribute to the development and growth of the cryptocurrency industry.

How Pastor Crypto Scam Victims Can File Complaints?

Victims of the Eli Regalado scam can file a complaint with the following authorities:

  • Colorado Securities Commission: The Colorado Securities Commission is the state agency responsible for regulating securities in Colorado. They can be reached at (303) 894-2155.

  • FBI: The FBI investigates federal crimes, including securities fraud. They can be reached at 1-800-CALL-FBI (225-5324).

  • Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3): The IC3 is a partnership between the FBI and the National White Collar Crime Center. They can be reached by filing a complaint online at

In addition to filing a complaint with the authorities, victims of the Eli Regalado scam can also seek legal counsel. A lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and options, and represent you in court if necessary.

How Pastor Crypto Scam Victims Can File Complaints?

Here are some additional tips for victims of the Eli Regalado scam:

  • Keep records of all communications with Eli Regalado and his associates. This includes emails, text messages, phone calls, and any other documents related to the scam.
  • Save all receipts and documentation related to your investment in INDXcoin. This includes bank statements, purchase orders, and any other records of your transactions.
  • Gather information about other victims of the scam. This can help you build a stronger case against Eli Regalado and his associates.

By following these steps, victims of the Eli Regalado scam can increase their chances of getting justice and recovering their lost funds.

Preventing Cryptocurrency Scams: Practical Tips

To safeguard yourself from falling victim to cryptocurrency scams, consider the following cautionary measures:

  1. Exercise Caution with Unfamiliar Projects: Avoid investing in cryptocurrency projects that you are unfamiliar with or that lack transparency. Conduct thorough research and reviews before investing in any project.

  2. Beware of Excessive Hype and Promises: Be wary of projects that make unrealistic promises of high returns or guaranteed profits. Remember, there is no such thing as a risk-free investment.

  3. Ditch the Emotional Appeal: Resist the allure of emotional appeals and fear of missing out (FOMO). Avoid making investment decisions based on emotions rather than sound research and due diligence and read more about crypto trading psychology.

  4. Verify the Project’s Whitepaper: Carefully review the project’s whitepaper, which outlines its technical details, roadmap, and tokenomics. Ensure the whitepaper is well-structured, informative, and free of inconsistencies.

  5. Seek Independent Verification: Consult with independent experts or crypto analysts to assess the project’s legitimacy and potential risks. Avoid relying solely on the project’s marketing materials or testimonials.

  6. Trust Credible Sources: Only invest in cryptocurrency projects through reputable exchanges and platforms that have established track records and regulatory compliance. Avoid using unverified or shady platforms.

  7. Never Hand Over Private Keys: Never share your cryptocurrency private keys with anyone, not even the project.

We recently published an eye-opening exposé revealing how a $80 million cryptocurrency fraud scheme preyed on victims through pig butchering scams tied to human trafficking networks. It’s a harrowing but important story that shows the dark side of the crypto world.

The Eli Regalado scam serves as a cautionary tale, underscoring the importance of vigilance, critical thinking, and a discerning approach to cryptocurrency investments. By following these preventive measures, you can safeguard yourself from falling prey to fraudulent schemes and protect your hard-earned money. Remember, knowledge is power, and by arming yourself with information and exercising caution, you can make informed investment decisions and navigate the cryptocurrency landscape with greater confidence.

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