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KuCoin Subaccounts: The Complete 2023 Guide for Crypto Traders

Managing a crypto portfolio can get chaotic really quickly these days. With so many coins across different exchanges using tons of trading strategies – yikes! It’s enough to give any trader a headache. Luckily, the trading pros at KuCoin have a killer solution – subaccounts!

Subaccounts let you create separate mini-accounts under one master account. So you can categorize your different coins, strategies, risk levels, and anything else however you want. Each subaccount has its own wallet, trading tools, security controls, and more – but you oversee everything under one roof. Pretty sweet, right?

In this guide by Finestel, we’ll dive deep into how to use Kucoin subaccounts. You’ll learn how to create, manage, and organize subaccounts to crush your trading goals. We’ll also look at real-world examples from savvy traders. So buckle up! By the end, you’ll have all the tools to tame your crypto chaos with KuCoin’s powerful subaccounts

What is a KuCoin Subaccount?

So you’ve started using KuCoin and love its features for trading and managing your crypto portfolio. But as your assets and strategies grow, things can get messy fast. That’s where KuCoin’s subaccounts come in super handy!

What is a KuCoin Subaccount?

A KuCoin subaccount lets you create separate mini-accounts within your main KuCoin account. It’s like having unique “folders” inside your broader KuCoin portfolio. Each subaccount functions like an account with a distinct wallet address, trading abilities, and security settings. But they remain tied to your central KuCoin identity for easy oversight.

So, subaccounts give you segmentation without the hassle of totally separate logins and accounts. It’s the best of both worlds – independence and organization together!

How Do KuCoin Subaccounts Work?

KuCoin subaccounts operate as independent units for holding and trading crypto under your main account.

When you trade within a subaccount, only the assets in that subaccount are impacted, not your entire KuCoin balance. You can also transfer funds seamlessly between subaccounts through the main account interface. Each subaccount gets its wallet address to receive transfers. And you can customize the security settings like trading passwords and 2FA for each.

What is a KuCoin Subaccount?

The main account admin has complete control over all subaccounts, while each subaccount user can only access their own. It creates a hierarchy that combines access with restrictions.

Overall, subaccounts create compartmentalized trading environments tied together by the flexibility of your central KuCoin account. It’s a simple yet powerful system!

What Are the Benefits of Using KuCoin Subaccounts?

KuCoin subaccounts are super handy for keeping your crypto activities organized and secure. Here’s why savvy traders love using them:

  • Reduce Clutter: Let’s be honest; managing multiple cryptos can get messy fast! Subaccounts let you neatly separate trading strategies, asset types, or anything else into compartmentalized spaces. Now, you can find what you need quickly without the clutter.
  • Execute Multiple Trading Strategies: Subaccounts enable traders to deploy different strategies or algorithms on each subaccount. For example, aggressive day trading on one, long-term HODL on another, DeFi yield farming on a third, etc. This level of customization and segmentation is extremely valuable for traders.
  • Lock ‘Em Down: Unfortunately, hacking happens. Limit the damage by isolating your holdings and high-risk activities in different subaccounts. If one gets compromised, your other assets stay safe and sound.
  • Share the Wealth: Want to delegate some trading power to friends or family? Create a subaccount for each person to manage under your watchful supervision. Great for businesses, too!
  • Taxes Made Easy: Come tax time, subaccounts help you clearly track performance and history by category. No more tax season headaches!
  • Test Drive New Tactics: Subaccounts are the perfect sandboxes for playing with trading bots, new strategies, and risky experiments without wrecking your real portfolio. Now, you can innovate fearlessly!
  • Consolidate Your Crypto: A single KuCoin login gives you easy access to all your neatly organized subaccounts. All the benefits of segmentation without the hassle!

So if simplifying and segmenting your expanding crypto presence sounds good, KuCoin’s subaccounts are your ticket. They’ve made mastering this powerful tool a breeze for traders of all skill levels.

KuCoin Subaccounts In Action: Real-World Examples

KuCoin subaccounts offer tons of advantages, but seeing real examples can better illustrate the practical ways traders utilize them:

  1. A crypto investor wary of providing personal information creates subaccounts to divide holdings between different wallet addresses. This provides more privacy by dispersing funds across accounts not directly tied to their identity.
  2. A day trading firm segregates each trader’s activities into separate subaccounts. This isolates risk and performance tracking at the individual level while the master account monitors the collective portfolio.
  3. A professional crypto asset manager utilizes KuCoin subaccounts to implement unique trading strategies for each of his high-net-worth clients. One subaccount buys and holds BTC for long-term growth. Another trades small-cap altcoins for quick profits using bots. Yet another focuses on ETH DeFi yield opportunities. With different strategies tailored to each investor’s goals, the asset manager can provide customized management through the flexibility of subaccounts.
  4. A cryptocurrency influencer creates branded subaccounts for different business ventures under their parent company. This neatly divides assets and transactions by project while retaining overall oversight.A cryptocurrency influencer
  5. An amateur trader wants to experiment with a new high-risk yield farming protocol. He deploys it in a dedicated subaccount to contain any losses away from his core holdings.
  6.  A multinational corporation uses subaccounts to divide holdings by regional jurisdiction to remain compliant with varying regulations across countries.
  7. A crypto tax accountant creates categorized subaccounts for clients to simplify tracking gains, losses, income sources, capital gains, and more for reporting purposes.
  8. A savvy crypto trader utilizes KuCoin subaccounts to connect different trading bots to each account. One subaccount runs a Finestel bot for incremental BTC gains, another connects to Cryptohopper or 3commas for algorithmic altcoin trades, and a third uses a custom script for automated DeFi yield harvesting. The flexibility of subaccounts allows optimized bot usage.
  9. A master crypto trader wants to share various high-level strategies with his clients and followers. He uses Finestel copy trading to link subaccounts and allows clients to copy his trades on specific strategies in real-time automatically. This allows him to compartmentalize each technique while clients can pick and choose what to copy.

The flexible nature of KuCoin subaccounts enables countless possibilities. Any trader can tailor them to their unique needs and find innovative ways to utilize subaccounts to maximize organization, safety, and performance tracking. The benefits are only limited by the creativity of the user!


Kucoin Subaccount Creation Walkthrough: Step-by-step visual guide to creating a new subaccount

KuCoin’s subaccount feature allows users to create multiple accounts under one main KuCoin account. Subaccounts operate as separate accounts with distinct wallet addresses, trading capabilities, and security settings.

However, subaccounts remain linked to the main “master” account. The master account holder retains full administrative rights over associated subaccounts.

Below is a complete walkthrough on creating, managing, and using KuCoin subaccounts.

Creating a New Subaccount

Ready to organize your crypto trading? Adding a subaccount only takes seconds.

1) Go to Sub-Accounts

Log into your KuCoin account and click “Sub-Accounts” under the Account Overview menu.

Creating Kucoin Subaccount

2) Name, Password, Confirm

Click “Create” then simply enter a unique subaccount name, secure password, and confirm creation. Click “Confirm” to finalize creation.

Name, Password, Confirm KuCoin Subaccount

You can create up to 100 subaccounts per master account, each with a unique name. The subaccount name cannot be changed after creation.

Once created, a new subaccount ID number will be assigned. Make a note of this ID for reference.

Subaccount Functions

KuCoin subaccounts can do most of the same activities as the master account:

  • Login using subaccount credentials
  • Transfer funds in/out of the subaccount
  • Set security features like 2FA and trading passwords
  • Create Kucoin API key (10 per subaccount)
  • Trade on Spot, Margin, and Futures markets

Transfering assets through Kucoin subaccounts

However, subaccounts cannot:

  • Withdraw funds directly – transfers must go through the master account first
  • Participate in promotional events and campaigns

Relationship to Master Account

The master account oversees and controls associated subaccounts:

  • Master account holder creates and manages subaccounts
  • Subaccounts inherit the master account’s KYC and trading fee level, as Kucoin mandatory KYC verification is required for all accounts.
  • Master retains full admin rights over subaccounts
  • The master must approve any subaccount withdrawals

So while subaccounts operate independently, the master account has ultimate authority over their use.

Unlocking KuCoin Subaccounts’ Full Potential Through API Integrations

KuCoin subaccounts offer useful features on their own, but integrating them with external platforms via API takes advantages to the next level. Connecting services like trading bots, portfolio trackers, and copy trading unlocks smarter trading, convenience, and more.

Integrating any platform with subaccounts is easy:

  1. Connect your main KuCoin account first, as usual.
  2. Generate fresh API keys for each subaccount.
  3. Link these keys to connect the subaccounts.

Unlocking KuCoin Subaccounts' Full Potential Through API Integrations

Most platforms allow managing multiple accounts seamlessly. Once linked, the services can pull data from each subaccount independently and execute trades if permissions allow.

This opens up possibilities like:

  • Running different trading bots on each subaccount
  • Monitoring asset allocation across all subaccounts
  • Generating consolidated tax reports

By integrating with external tools, KuCoin subaccounts provide traders with expanded analytics and automation. It’s a powerful combination!

Empower Automated Trading with Bots

Link popular bots like 3Commas, Cryptohopper, and Finestel to KuCoin subaccounts. Customize bot strategies and contain risks by limiting them to specific subaccount funds. KuCoin’s APIs make integration seamless.

Track All Assets in One Dashboard

Sync subaccounts with portfolio trackers like CoinStats and Finestel. This gives insights into profit/loss, asset allocation, totals, and more across all accounts from one centralized hub.


Share Multiple Strategies with Copy Trading

Traders can compartmentalize approaches into subaccounts and share them selectively. Followers on Copy trading platforms can only copy the desired techniques to meet their goals.

KuCoin Copy Trading via Finestel Through Subaccount API Connections

At Finestel, we are leading the way in providing sophisticated trading tools and asset management solutions for crypto investors and professionals. Our flagship offering is an innovative white-label asset management and copy trading software.

This white label-ready software delivers portfolio tracking and client management functionality alongside robust copy trading. Finestel allows complete customization, positioning us as an attractive option for asset managers to differentiate their services.

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KuCoin subaccounts can now be seamlessly connected to Finestel, just like regular accounts. You can read the full guide on our Kucoin copy trading page. This unlocks immense potential for our customers. Subaccounts enable traders to compartmentalize different strategies for flexible sharing. Asset managers can allocate clients into tailored portfolios while maintaining centralized control.

By combining the versatility of KuCoin subaccounts with Finestel’s suite of trading and management tools, we enable our customers to execute diverse techniques, customize investor experiences, and operate more efficiently than ever before.

Security Considerations for KuCoin Subaccounts

KuCoin subaccounts can make your crypto life way easier. But it’s smart to keep a few things in mind so your experience stays secure and hassle-free.

Transfering assets through Kucoin subaccounts

  • Don’t Overstuff Accounts: Spreading assets across multiple subaccounts reduces risk. Overloading one makes it a bigger target.
  • Lockdown Your Security: Having strong, unique logins and 2FA on each subaccount and the main account helps protect your funds.
  • Keep Records: Note which assets live in which subaccounts. This avoids becoming disorganized or losing track of funds.
  • Choose Subaccount Users Wisely: Only share access with responsible folks you truly trust. Consider starting them with a low-risk subaccount first.
  • Mind the Tax Details: More subaccounts make taxes more complex. But it’s still less stressful than unorganized accounts! Just be diligent with record keeping.

Overall, the benefits still outweigh the drawbacks by a long shot! With some prudent security and organization practices, subaccounts can make your crypto portfolio management a breeze. KuCoin really nailed it by making subaccounts so flexible and user-friendly.


KuCoin subaccounts provide users with helpful features such as increased security and improved organization of funds on the exchange. However, by integrating subaccounts with external platforms via API, their capabilities are taken to an entirely new level.

Through connections to trading bots, portfolio trackers, and social trading platforms, subaccounts are transformed into powerful tools for customization, automation, and collaboration. Traders can run tailored automated strategies within individual subaccounts. Portfolio trackers bring enhanced visibility into performance across accounts. Copy trading integrations allow selective sharing of approaches. For asset managers, subaccount APIs open up possibilities like allocating clients to personalized portfolios while maintaining centralized oversight. This could lead to more customized investment offerings.

Overall, unlocking the full potential of KuCoin subaccounts through API connectivity significantly enhances the trading and portfolio management experience for both professional and individual investors. As adoption increases, their capabilities are sure to be taken to even greater heights, cementing subaccounts as a powerful feature for the KuCoin exchange.


What are KuCoin subaccounts?

KuCoin subaccounts are additional accounts created within your main KuCoin account. They allow you to separate and manage different trading strategies, funds, or portfolios under a single master account.

How many subaccounts can I create on KuCoin?

KuCoin allows you to create up to 100 subaccounts under your main account. This provides flexibility in managing various trading activities or segregating funds for different purposes.

Can I transfer funds between my main account and subaccounts?

Yes, you can transfer funds between your main account and subaccounts on KuCoin. This allows you to allocate funds as needed for different trading strategies or investment purposes. However, subaccounts cannot: Withdraw funds directly - transfers must go through the master account first.

Do subaccounts have separate API keys?

Yes, each subaccount on KuCoin has its own unique API key. This allows you to connect and manage your subaccounts individually with external platforms, trading bots, or portfolio trackers.

Can I set different permissions for each subaccount?

Yes, you can set different permissions for each subaccount on KuCoin. This means you can control the level of access and trading capabilities for each subaccount, providing an added layer of security and control over your trading activities.

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