the best crypto institutional services in 2024

The Best Crypto Institutional Services for a Secure and Profitable Journey in 2024

The advent of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in recent years has attracted many individual investors and traders toward the crypto market. While the adoption wave began with retail traders and investors, businesses and financial institutions have also been drawn to the blockchain space at a rapid pace over the last couple of years. These businesses and firms typically rely on institutional crypto trading platforms for their investing endeavors. In this article, we introduce the best crypto institutional services, those that are the most secure and trustworthy for institutions.

Institutional trading platforms can be categorized as crypto B2B services, as their customers are businesses. These platforms are focused on developing products tailored to their customers’ needs. We will explain the benefits and potential risks of working with these businesses. Moreover, we will introduce the best crypto institutional services in 2024 and evaluate them comprehensively.

What Are the Advantages of Utilizing the Best Crypto Institutional Services?

Utilizing the finest crypto institutional services offers a plethora of advantages for institutional traders and investors. A fundamental benefit lies in the access to expansive liquidity pools, as these businesses often operate on a large scale.

What Are the Best Crypto Institutional Services?

Moreover, the best crypto institutional services should provide advanced order types to their clients. This diversification in execution methods can enhance precision and efficiency in large-scale trading. Algorithms and automated trading solutions might also be pivotal for these institutions, as some of them engage in high-frequency trading, market making, or arbitrage.

The sophistication and adaptability offered by the best crypto institutional services at a reasonable price and on-demand are the reasons that institutions outsource these procedures instead of engaging in time- and resource-consuming solution development on their own.

The Risks of Using Institutional Crypto Trading Services

Engaging with institutional crypto trading services introduces a variety of risks that demand careful consideration. First and foremost, institutions may encounter counterparty risks, particularly concerning institutional digital asset custody. This highlights the necessity for careful assessment of the credibility and stability of the chosen institutional trading service.

Moreover, the regulatory landscape surrounding cryptocurrencies remains in a state of evolution and adds another layer of risk for institutional traders. Heavy reliance on advanced technology also exposes platforms to potential technical glitches, system outages, and cyber-attacks. These issues will not only disrupt trading activities but also compromise the security of assets under custody.

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What Are the Characteristics of the Best Crypto Institutional Services?

In the previous parts, we have presented the benefits and risk factors of utilizing crypto institutional trading services. In this section, we will present the necessary characteristics that the best crypto institutional services must possess to ensure security and efficiency.

Robust Risk Management Protocols

With the inherent risks involved in trading and investing, top crypto institutional services implement robust risk management protocols. These measures address counterparty risks by ensuring the financial reliability of the platform.

Advanced Technology Infrastructure

Leading crypto institutional trading platforms boast advanced technology infrastructures that mitigate technology and operational risks. With a focus on minimizing technical glitches, system outages, and potential cyber threats, these services prioritize the precise execution of trading activities while maintaining the security of assets.

Transparent Operations

Transparency is a hallmark of the best crypto institutional services. These platforms prioritize openness in their operations, providing their institutional clients with clear visibility into the inner workings of the platform. This transparency not only fosters trust but also addresses concerns related to the fairness of the trading environment.

Proactive Security Measures

Top institutional crypto trading services address security concerns by implementing strict measures against potential breaches. The best crypto institutional services prioritize the safeguarding of funds through secure institutional digital asset custody solutions and employing advanced cybersecurity protocols.

The Best Crypto Institutional Services in 2024

In this section, we introduce the best crypto institutional services for institutions and businesses seeking to invest in or trade cryptocurrencies.


Finestel is arguably the best crypto institutional service, considering the wide range of valuable tools and services it offers. Finestel’s clients are from a diverse mix, including institutional traders, crypto asset management businesses, and even community owners and networkers.

Finestel: Institutional Trading Solution Provider

When it comes to institutional trading and asset management, Finestel’s primary service is its copy trading technology. Using this cutting-edge copy trading bot, institutional traders and asset managers can easily trade and invest on behalf of their investors without taking custody of a single penny. 

The most comprehensive product offered by Finestel is the white-label asset management service. The white-label solution is based on our copy trading software but takes everything to a whole new level. Institutions can integrate Finestel’s functionalities in their own platform or create a new one branded with their logo. We offer maximum customization and personalization to our clients, ensuring that they receive a tailor-made product to satisfy their needs.

Finestel’s complementary tools and features:

  • Portfolio trackers to efficiently track and manage trading portfolios
  • Branded Telegram bot for reporting, alerting, and portfolio tracking
  • Performance analytics for strategy evaluation and portfolio optimization
  • Branded transactional emails to maintain client and investor engagement for networkers and asset managers
  • Multi-Level Marketing Software to facilitate affiliate marketing
  • Customization in sidebar menus and chart theme
  • Custom Domain Address
  • Private strategy marketplace to find the best trading strategies (or offer your strategy to potential investors)

Partnerships with top crypto exchanges, customizable solutions, advanced technology, and maximum security have been the recipe for Finestel’s success. Meanwhile, the features and services mentioned in this article are not all Finestel has to offer. For more information about Finestel’s offerings and product pricing, feel free to contact our sales team.

Binance Institutional

Binance Institutional, developed by the world’s largest digital asset exchange, is a trusted platform for institutions and VIP clients. It offers unparalleled access to digital asset solutions and institutional crypto trading.

Binance Institutional: Top institutional crypto trading platform

Key features and services of Binance Institutional include:

  • Execution & OTC Services: Trade on credit with flexible financing solutions for OTC, competitive rates, and preferred terms.
  • Secure Third-Party Crypto Custody: Safely store digital assets and trade using Ceffu’s off-exchange settlement solution, Binance’s third-party institutional custody partner.
  • Link Program: Boost business with commissions on trading via Binance’s liquidity and market depth.
  • Liquidity Program: Enjoy attractive rebates from trading in spot and futures markets with the world’s best liquidity.
  • VIP Portal: Explore premium Binance VIP & Institutional services through an exclusive hub.

Binance Institutional’s competitive advantages include over 1450 pairs for various spot trading needs, the largest futures trading volume with over 200 contracts, a comprehensive blockchain ecosystem, and access to the deepest cryptocurrency liquidity pool. All in all, Binance Institutional offers a comprehensive solution to institutional clients around the globe.

Coinbase Institutional

Designed specifically for institutional investors, Coinbase Institutional is a solution addressing challenges in crypto investment. It provides direct access to Coinbase Exchange and multiple exchanges via Coinbase Prime, a full-service prime broker with bulletproof security comparable to a crypto custody bank. Coinbase institutional research team also provides up-to-date, tailored information surrounding the latest trends in the crypto ecosystem.

Coinbase Institutional Crypto Trading Service

Key Features of Coinbase Institutional:

  • Wide Digital Asset Availability (240+ assets for trading with 500+ trading pairs)
  • Coinbase Exchange with deep liquidity and Coinbase Prime for even deeper aggregate liquidity
  • Access to multiple exchanges through a single platform, eliminating the need for pre-funding accounts
  • Coinbase Prime Custody: A full-service platform, Coinbase prime brokerage offers multi-exchange access, advanced smart order routing, secure custody, and financing opportunities.

Coinbase institutional fees are among the most competitive, making it an attractive option for most institutions. Moreover, Coinbase institutional clients have access to secure vault storage and flexible entity mapping for over 400 assets and select NFTs.

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Bybit Institutional

Bybit institutional establishes itself as a committed trading partner. It provides tailored solutions, exceptionally low fees, and personalized assistance. Institutions favor the platform for various reasons. For instance, Bybit offers a cost-efficient fee structure exclusively designed to enhance cost-effectiveness for institutional clients.

Bybit Institutional: One of the best crypto institutional trading services

Key Features of Bybit’s institutional platform:

  • Market Maker Program for enhanced liquidity in Bybit’s spot and derivatives markets.
  • Zero Fee on All USDC Spot Pairs & Stablecoin Pairs.
  • Priority API access that allows high-frequency trading with up to 300 API requests per second as an institutional client.
  • Various crypto institutional trading solutions, including the Broker program, block trading, custodial trading, and OTC Trading.
  • Institutional loans with competitive interest rates and optimized collateral, offering up to 5x leverage.

The updated trading fee system now presents five unique VIP tiers tailored to meet the diverse requirements of institutions aiming for optimal returns. Bybit provides a wide range of trading services and secure institutional custody crypto investors require.

OKX Institutions

OKX institutions stands as one of the best crypto institutional services for trading and investing in the crypto market. It offers an exceptional suite of powerful features to facilitate the process of institutional trading and investment.

OKX Institutional: A top institutional trading platform

Here are the key aspects that define OKX for institutional clients:

  • Options Taker Rebate Program: An exclusive program that offers up to $12,500 weekly rewards for top takers in the options trading community.
  • Combo Options Fee Discount: You can enjoy up to 50% off in combo options fees on the RFQ platform, with fees applied only on legs with the higher notional.
  • Yield and Structured Products: Customizable trading strategies, access to top-tier DeFi protocols, and opportunities to earn yield through liquidity provision or staking.
  • Liquid Marketplace: On-demand liquidity network with multiple brokers, facilitating spot OTC trades, futures spreads, and options strategies without impacting the order book.
  • Advanced Execution Algorithms: Time-weighted average price (TWAP) and Iceberg execution algorithms for automated trading.

As a top-tier institutional crypto trading platform, OKX offers other services like the VIP Loan Pool and accessible ETH 2.0 Staking. OKX maintains transparency with a proven track record since 2017. It stands as an industry leader with substantial assets, high trading volumes, and a global user base.


Fireblocks stands as an advanced platform that reshapes the secure handling of digital assets. It provides a comprehensive range of applications for managing digital asset operations. Fireblocks is a robust development platform for blockchain-based businesses.

Known for its simplicity and top-notch security, Fireblocks addresses various financial needs. It offers services like Wallets-as-a-Service, Custody Technology, Crypto & DeFi Treasury Management, Financial Tokenization, and NFT Minting. Stablecoin & Digital Asset Payments are also a valuable part of what Fireblocks has to offer.

Here are the most valuable services Fireblocks offers to institutional clients:

  • Off-Exchange Solution: A groundbreaking feature that allows trading firms and asset managers to eliminate counterparty risk during transactions on centralized exchanges.
  • Secure Asset Allocation: Traders can securely allocate and mirror assets directly to an exchange from an on-chain MPC shared wallet.
  • Protection Against Threats: The Off Exchange solution safeguards traders’ principal from potential risks. For instance, these risks include hacks, bankruptcy, and fraud.
  • Trusted by Leading Organizations: With a proven track record, Fireblocks has earned the trust of over 1,800 leading organizations globally.
  • Transaction Security: Fireblocks ensures the security of transactions worth billions, highlighting its reliability and robust security measures.
  • Adaptable to Dynamic Challenges: The platform sets the standard for adaptability in the dynamic realm of digital assets, evolving to meet the latest industry needs.

Best Crypto Institutional Services in 2024 Infographic

Best Crypto Institutional Services in 2024 Infographic


As cryptocurrencies are becoming mainstream, a rapid influx of businesses and financial institutions is occurring in the crypto market. These institutional traders and investors often rely on crypto B2B services. There are several advantages to utilizing the best crypto institutional services, including access to expansive liquidity pools, advanced order types, and automated trading solutions. 

However, engaging with institutional crypto trading services comes with inherent risks, such as counterparty risks. To mitigate these risks, institutions are better off utilizing the best crypto institutional services available. Top institutional platforms such as Finestel offer a range of services with various features to satisfy the needs of institutional traders and crypto asset management businesses.

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