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The Best KuCoin Trading Bots (2024 Update): Boosting Efficiency and Maximizing Profits

Both the cryptocurrency space and the trading industry have one particular characteristic in common: rapid evolution. While automated trading has been around for decades now, it has made its way to crypto trading in recent years. As one of the top crypto exchanges, KuCoin allows its users to utilize automated crypto trading using trading bots. In this article, we analyze the best KuCoin trading bots.

First, we begin by introducing KuCoin as one of the most popular centralized exchanges among retail crypto traders. We then briefly discuss how users can engage in automated trading on KuCoin and list the best KuCoin bots, the ones already offered by the exchange. Moreover, we present some of the best KuCoin trading bots by third-party crypto trading platforms as alternatives and make a head-to-head comparison.

Introduction to KuCoin and Automated Trading

KuCoin was founded in 2017 to facilitate digital asset trading worldwide. It has rapidly become one of the prominent players in the cryptocurrency exchange industry. It offers an intuitive design, a simple registration process, robust security features, and a wide range of trading tools. The platform enables traders to engage in spot and futures trading seamlessly, offering nearly 700 crypto assets to trade. It serves millions of users from over 200 countries worldwide. Read about the Kucoin mandatory KYC.

The Seychelles-based crypto exchange has its own crypto governance token, KCS. KuCoin is known for its technology-driven approach, as it offers a variety of innovative trading services to its customers. Therefore, it has become one of the go-to choices for traders looking for alternative trading methods, including automated solutions and crypto trading bots.

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Top 5 KuCoin’s Built-In Trading Bots

As already mentioned, innovation and tech-based solutions are prominent priorities for KuCoin. As a result, they offer a variety of automatic trading tools and crypto bots. Traders interested in taking their game to the next level and gaining passive income can utilize KuCoin bots. We describe how the top KuCoin trading bots work in the upcoming KuCoin trading bots review. Note that KuCoin charges no subscription fee for these bots; only transaction fees apply.

Top 5 KuCoin's Built-In Trading Bots

KuCoin Spot Grid Bot

The spot grid trading bot is among KuCoin’s most popular grid trading bots. Millions of bots are running this KuCoin trading bot strategy. After going through the setup of a KuCoin spot grid trading bot, you will be able to begin profiting by selling the asset at a higher price and buying it when it gets lower. The spot grid bot helps all traders, from beginner to seasoned, navigate the high volatility conditions of the crypto market without going through extreme emotions and making rash decisions. The trader or developer just sets the bot up, and it does the rest.

KuCoin Futures Grid Bot

The KuCoin futures grid bot is an automated trading tool designed for the derivatives market. This KuCoin futures trading bot executes buy and sell orders within specified price points to capitalize on both upward and downward market trends. The grid formed by these orders facilitates profit generation through grid trading. KuCoin provides various modes for utilizing the bot, including an AI-driven auto mode, copy Trading to replicate successful strategies, and customized trading for personalized parameters. Unlike the spot grid bot, the KuCoin futures grid bot allows users to go short and long with up to 10 times leverage.

KuCoin Spot Martingale Bot

The KuCoin spot martingale bot employs a strategy inspired by the Martingale gambling approach. The strategy involves increasing positions as the price falls and selling the entire position when the price rises to the desired levels. KuCoin users can customize parameters such as percentage-based position increases and profit-taking levels. This allows a flexible and adaptive approach to investing in the crypto market.

KuCoin Smart Rebalance Bot

The KuCoin Smart Rebalance Bot is an advanced tool designed to automate and optimize portfolio management in cryptocurrency trading. The bot employs a smart rebalance strategy to ensure that your crypto investments maintain their desired asset allocation. It automatically adjusts the portfolio at regular intervals. You can choose either the periodic or threshold rebalancing. The threshold option allows rebalancing when a crypto’s value fluctuates by a predetermined percentage. On the other hand, the periodic rebalancing operates on prespecified time intervals.

KuCoin Smart Rebalance Bot

KuCoin Infinity Grid Bot

The KuCoin infinity grid bot is a powerful and automated trading tool. It is designed to capitalize on the volatile nature of the crypto market, particularly during uptrends. This KuCoin grid bot strategy involves continually buying low and selling high. It ensures consistent profits while maintaining the total value of digital assets constant when the market is rising. The infinity grid removes the upper limit and enables users to benefit from unlimited upward potential during bull markets. Users can use the KuCoin AI bot or use fully customizable options for infinity grid trading.

KuCoin DCA Bot Review

The KuCoin DCA bot is an automated trading tool designed to implement the dollar-cost averaging strategy. This tool allows users to make regular investments in a chosen crypto asset systematically. The DCA method effectively mitigates the impact of market volatility over the long term. The KuCoin DCA bot allows users to choose from a variety of tokens. This is the best KuCoin bot for market participants interested in long-term investing.

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Best KuCoin Trading Bots by Third-Party Platforms

While KuCoin itself offers various crypto trading bots and automation tools, there are other KuCoin trading bot alternatives available. These bots belong to third-party businesses such as trading automation platforms and trading technology solution providers using the Kucoin API key. Below are the best KuCoin trading bot alternatives.

Best KuCoin Trading Bots by Third-Party Platforms

1. Finestel

Finestel is a trading technology provider based in Canada, offering various solutions to cryptocurrency traders around the globe. KuCoin users can seamlessly utilize Finestel’s professional services, as the exchange is already supported by Finestel due to a partnership.

Finestel’s trading automation services to KuCoin users include a Kucoin copy trading bot, a white label copy trading software, portfolio tracking, a Telegram bot, and the TradingView webhook, which is currently under development. Using the copy trading bot, KuCoin traders can easily onboard their clients and manage their funds effectively. The white-label copy trading service takes things to the next level, maximizing both customization and efficiency. Serious crypto traders, developers, and asset managers who want to offer their trading bot to investors and attract capital under their own brand can massively benefit from the white-label solution.

Moreover, Finestel’s trading bots come with a top-notch portfolio tracker that offers insightful metrics to traders and allows them to monitor and optimize their performance. There is also a Telegram signal bot that KuCoin traders can use to generate and send signals to their subscribers automatically.

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Finestel's Pricing

Finestel offers a straightforward pricing plan that you can choose from according to your level of expertise in trading, your following and assets under management, or even your personal references. The pricing is as follows:

Free Plan

This plan offers connections to up to 3 exchange accounts and the portfolio tracker, which is suitable for individual traders who want to try out our services.

Starter Plan

The starter plan comes at a rate of $19 per month (or $13).3 per month billed annually). It allows users to use Finestel’s copy trading bot and benefit from a rate limit of 20 orders per minute (per account) in addition to the features offered by the free plan.

Pro Plan

Suitable for professional traders or small asset management teams, the pro plan offers ten exchange account connections and all the features included in the starter plan. The pro plan costs $49 per month (or $34.1 per month billed annually).

Business Plan

If you are eager to start or upgrade your asset management business, Finestel’s Business Plan is for you. Benefit from full customization, dedicated support, up to 100 exchange connections, and a free white label setup (limited-time offer). This plan’s price is $199 per month (or $139.1 per month billed annually).

Enterprise Plan

Enterprise Plan: The Enterprise Plan is designed for established asset management businesses that are willing to take on the industry by scaling their business. It offers unlimited exchange account connections, white-label copy trading, unlimited rate limit, and technical and trading algorithm development. To gain further information and pricing of the Enterprise Plan, contact our sales team.

2. WunderTrading

WunderTrading is another trading automation platform in the crypto industry. Its integration with the KuCoin trading bot has garnered attention for its advanced features, efficiency, and potential for risk minimization. The Wundertrading platform provides a user-friendly interface for you to create and automate trading strategies seamlessly using KuCoin’s API Key.

The KuCoin trading robot operates on a set of rules you can define. WunderTrading offers a versatile toolkit for KuCoin trading bot users. Users can effortlessly develop algorithms for different crypto trading strategies and automate them with bots. Moreover, the platform’s TradingView integration facilitates the backtesting of KuCoin trading bots. Additionally, WunderTrading offers a range of features, such as copy trading with high-performing signal providers and arbitrage opportunities. 

WunderTrading Pricing

In order to utilize Wundertrading’s KuCoin bot and other automation services, you should subscribe to their services. They have five different plans, each suitable for a certain group of KuCoin traders:

Free Plan

WunderTrading’s free plan allows users to utilize one API connection. You can also access copy trading, paper trading, a portfolio tracker tool, and a dedicated trading terminal. This plan is for copy traders, not KuCoin bot traders.

Starter Plan

If you are just starting out with trading bots, the Starter plan is for you. It offers one active signal bot, futures spreads trading, arbitrage trading, a DCA trading terminal, one active AI bot, and one active grid bot on top of the Free plan’s features. This plan comes at $4.95 per month (or $3.47 per month billed annually).

Basic Plan

Next up is the basic plan, which includes five active signal bots, two APIs, multiple take profit orders, five grid bots, and multi-pair bots in addition to the Starter plan. The Basic plan costs $19.95 per month (or $13.97 per month billed annually).

Pro Plan

Wundertrading’s most popular plan is the Pro plan. It allows users to create advanced trading bots. The plan offers 15 active signal bots, 5 APIs, swing trading, three active AI bots, and ten active grid bots. To subscribe to the Pro plan, you should pay $39.95 per month (or $27.97 per month billed annually).

Premium Plan

For professional users looking for the best KuCoin trading bot solutions and sophisticated automation services, the Premium plan is a must-have. It takes everything to the next level, providing unlimited active bots and API connections. Moreover, you can benefit from 10 active AI bots and 1000 active grid bots.

3. 3Commas

3Commas is a popular trading automation platform for crypto market participants. The 3Commas KuCoin trading bot offers traders a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface. Utilizing the 3Commas management interface and using KuCoin API keys, traders gain the capability to create algorithms and automated strategies.

The 3Commas platform supports a wide range of trading bots, including long, short, composite (multi-pair), and Quickfinger Luc bots. KuCoin users can seamlessly backtest these automation tools within the 3Commas platform. Moreover, the platform allows KuCoin users to utilize bots and algorithms developed by fellow users to diversify their portfolios.

3Commas Pricing

3Commas offers its services under three different pricing plans. These plans are described below:

Beginner Plan

The 3Commas Beginner plan involves ten active SmartTrades, two running signal bots, two running grid bots, five running single-pair DCA bots, and 25 active DCA deals at once. This plan costs €5 per month (€4 per month billed annually).

Pro Plan

For more serious KuCoin bot users, the Pro plan offers 50 active SmartTrades, ten running signal bots, 10 running grid bots, 50 running DCA bots, and up to 500 active DCA deals. You can also use the multi-pair DCA bot, an attractive feature only available on 3Commas. The pro plan comes at €49 per month (€37 per month billed annually).

Expert Plan

The most advanced plan on 3Commas is the expert plan. This plan elevates trading automation for professional KuCoin traders by offering unlimited active SmartTrades, 50 running signal bots and grid bots, 250 running DCA bots, and 2500 active DCA deals in addition to the multi-pair DCA bot from the Pro plan.

The Best KuCoin Trading Bots in 2024 Infographic

The Best KuCoin Trading Bots in 2024 Infographic


In this article, we focused our attention on the best KuCoin trading bots. We reviewed each of the KuCoin bots separately, explaining how they work and for whom they are suitable. Moreover, we introduced some other crypto trading platforms that offer KuCoin trading bots or other automation services to the exchanges’ users. This allows readers to compare different alternatives and choose wisely.

The best KuCoin bots by third-party businesses are offered by Finestel. Copy trading bots, signal bots, TradingView WebHook, portfolio tracker tool, and a fully customizable white-label copy trading service are only a few of Finestel’s services. WunderTrading’s KuCoin automation solutions come second, focusing on copy trading, DCA, and grid bots. Another alternative is 3Commas, which offers an interesting multi-pair DCA bot to KuCoin users who are willing to play the long game while diversifying their portfolios.

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